10 Maintenance Tips You Can Do In Less than 10 Minutes

Can you think, if 10 minutes is enough time to make a noticeable improvement in your home with the maintenance within that allotted time?

What we believe in is that the scrolling through the social media platforms may easily wipe out your 10 minutes of life.

So, if you agree to dedicate only that moment of time, for your maintenance works at home, you are sure to achieve something noticeable change in your home.

Always remember that with the periodic maintenance of your home and its appliances, can save you potentially a lot of time and money later on.

Regular upkeep of items and proper care of the house can help you in getting rid of many troubles, which would cost you near in the future.

Here are some maintenance tips, which you can quite easily do within 10 minutes and can help self in avoiding many unavoidable troubles of the future.

Take 10 minutes out from your busy schedule and try the below-mentioned maintenance tips:

Clean ceiling fan blades

The task of maintaining your home can be started with the process of cleaning your ceiling fans. You can quite easily do it within a matter of few minutes. You need to climb up the ladder and wipe each blade of the fan.

Clean your garbage disposal

The other task, which is needed at high priority to keep your home clean, a garbage disposal can be cleaned with the use of the cold water and ice cubes.

All you need is to pour in 3-4 ice cubes and let the cold water run until the time, cold water disintegrates the ice cubes. You can also use the lemon cold water in order to remove bad odor.

Check fire extinguishers

Do you a Fire Extinguisher? If yes, devote a minute on its checking. Check that the tamper and all safety seals are intact.

Also, make sure that the pressure gauge is in the correct range and no signs of damage are visible. How much will these things take? A minute! Isn’t it?

Test smoke alarms

All you need is to light a match and blow it directly towards the smoke detector in order to make sure it works. Isn’t it?

Clean refrigerator coils

Cleaning refrigerator coils is another task which can be quite easily be done within the time span of 10 minutes. Unplug the fridge and remove the grills and clean the coils with the use of coil cleaning brushes etc.

Sharpen a lawn mower blade

Another task, which can be done within 10 minutes, is the cleaning of lawnmower blade. You need to remove the spark plug and then remove the lawn mower blade. Sharpen the blade with the metal file or any sharpening stone.

Change HVAC air filters

Removing the old air filters and replacing them with a new one, will not take more than a few minutes, isn’t it? However, make sure that filters face the correct direction as per the arrows and colors on the front and the back of the filter.

Verify your locks of Doors & Windows

Verifying your locks of Doors and windows, of the entire home will not take more than a few minutes unless your home is too big and many numbers of windows and doors. Just make sure that all locks on your doors and windows are working fine!

Keep Cabinet Doors Closed

Here is another within 10-minute maintenance task of keeping cabinet doors closed. There are situations when the cabinet doors don’t remain closed and you just need to install the magnetic door catch making them work in best order.

Restore Free Flow to a Faucet

Restoring free flow to a faucet will not take more than 10 minutes. All you need is to remove the aerator using a rag/masking tape and remove the useless deposits by soaking in vinegar.

You can also scrub it off with the toothbrush and then put them back in correct order. We believe you can do it quite easily within few minutes! Can’t you?

An Extra Tip – Cleaning your Homemade Incubator

Don’t you think, cleaning your homemade incubator take time within 10 minutes! If you’re affirmative, then what are you waiting for? Just do it! These are very important pieces of your kitchen and your business. The Homemade Incubators are the ones, which must be cleaned in order to ensure the best health of poultry and to carry out successful and cleaning poultry business. So, why don’t you devote your 10 minutes in cleaning it? Just be devoting your 10 minutes, you can ensure the best care and maintenance.

There are various tasks and household chores, which can be completed within 10 minutes. The maintenance of the home depends entirely upon us and it is we who have to dedicate a few minutes of our lives in covering up those maintenance tasks.

The routine maintenance works, if carried out, will save you more than enough (you can even predict!).

Consider the task of cleaning household items and appliance as a hobby and not a duty! It’s not mandatory; you do things on any specified time slot.

Whenever you feel like free, dedicate 10 minutes of your free time in maintaining household items and appliance, in cleaning your home and carrying out such activities.  Dedicate your time and make your home a safe, secure and lovely place to live in!

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Trends in Kitchen Designs Focus on Neutrality

Would you like to improve the looks of your kitchen? If so, you can make a move in this direction by contacting a contractor who provides kitchen installations and products. So, if you want to revamp your kitchen’s design into a high-quality dream, you only need to make a call and start implementing plans for the work today.

A Broad Selection of Cabinetry Doors and Appliances

Therefore, make sure that you choose a contractor who offers a broad range of cabinetry doors for your kitchen as well as major appliance brands. Doors for cabinetry are trending that are made of solid wood or that are glossed or painted in various colours. An array of hardware and handles are also featured to enhance your kitchen’s design.

When you choose the right contractor, you can ensure that installers of kitchens in South Yorkshire will fit your new kitchen to the highest standard with the least amount of disruption to your time. In turn, your kitchen will perform well for you as well as fit seamlessly into your updated décor.

Selecting a Cabinet Colour

Whilst colours for cabinetry come in various hues and shades, you will find that many of the new tones are various shades of grey or white. The idea is to neutralise the colour so that it fits in better with a number of decors. For example, grey or white colours can be used in both contemporary and classic decors. They also are preferred for increasing a property’s value. Whilst bright colours like yellow are engaging, the current trends concentrate more on neutrality.

So, if you are thinking of making an upgrade, choosing a colour for your cabinets is a major consideration. Again, the trend today emphasises the use or grey or white. You can integrate these colours with such paint hues as cabbage white, cream, or a foggy-looking grey. Any of these colours enhance the looks of a kitchen by subtly altering the surrounding colours and the effects of the lights.

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Water Damage in a Condo: Association, or Homeowner Responsibility?

Water damage caused by leaks and floods is a typical issue in any condominium, and a source of trouble for landlords, tenants, and the homeowners association. Trying to figure out who is responsible for the damages caused by water in the midst of an unfortunate event can be as stressful as the disaster itself. If you caught in this dilemma, here are some insights.

Most of the controversy in any case of water damage arrives due to the nature of the Condo structure per se. Condos are usually multiples units very close in proximity that also happens to share common areas. These structural characteristics make it hard to decide who might be responsible in the presence of a water damage incident. It’s always wise to provide yourself with a copy of the HOA’s bylaws and policies.

This valuable information will give you the basics in case you are responsible for any repair. Furthermore, it will give you time to prepare ahead if you are found responsible for the damages occurred, meaning having come out of pocket if the obligations are not covered under your or the association’s insurance policy.

When dealing with damage caused by a casualty, look to Florida Statute 718.111(11)(f) to determine who is accountable. This statute entails a condominium insurance policy to cover all condo property within the unit including the walls, windows and windows treatments, electrical and appliances, water heaters and ceilings. In other words the association is responsible for damages pertaining the drywalls out and common areas. Unit owners are responsible for personal property within the unit, floor, and drywall finishes (paint/texture), electrical fixtures, appliances, waters heaters and water filters, built in cabinets, countertops, ceiling coverings, windows treatment including curtains, drapes, blinds, hardware etc.

Another important issue to take into account is the fact that sometimes due to the unit proximity a leakage from one apartment ends up damaging various units within the property. If that would have been the issue here at stake, the problem needs to be addressed between unit owners. The faulty unit is responsible for the damages caused to the other units.


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5 Steps to Installing Your Home’s New Handrail System

With a great many DIY projects, the “finishing touches” are often some of the most important aspects and should be approached with the same amount of attention to detail as the very first stages. This is especially true of installing a new handrail system. This handy step-by-step guide provided by Pear Stairs – expert manufacturers of stairs and staircase parts – will ensure that this is easy to achieve in a way that is logical and stress-free.

  1. You Will Need

All components of your system, including dowel screws, washers and nuts, should be included in the construction set when you receive it. Lay out all the equipment and materials you have before you begin, to make sure you’re not missing anything.Ensure you have all recommended tools mentioned below:

  • An Auger of at least 30mm
  • A spanner
  • An appliance for affixing dowel screws – many good multitools offer this feature
  • Mole grips
  • Wood glue
  • A flathead screwdriver

  1. Do Your Research and Check Your Kit

Don’t hesitate to seek help and advice before taking up your tools to put together a handrail system. The best providers of staircase parts will have support available via a helpline, and a few, including Pear Stairs, have handy and easy-to-follow guides and FAQ’s on their websites that should be consulted before you start.

  1. Prepare Your Fittings

All handrail fittings from Pear Stairs are joined together by dowel screw sets, consisting of a dowel screw, locking nut and washer, all of which are dispatched together and should arrive at the same time. Firstly, within the groove of preferably the straight component, an access hole must be drilled into the face that is to be affixed, using your auger. The hole should measure 30mm in diameter, be 30mm deep and 35mm from the face to be joined. Following this, to prepare the face of the length of handrail that is to be joined to another, a bolt hole should be drilled into the straight handrail, preferably 9mmin diameter and positioned 20mm from the very bottom of the handrail. Within the component that this piece is to be joined to, a further hole should also be drilled, this time only 6mm diameter and 40mm long, but again 20mm from the bottom of the component with the drill set at 90° to the face.

  1. Affixing Your Components

The wood threaded part of the dowel screw can now be inserted into the 6mm hole, ensuring that it is in to its full extent. Your mole grips can be used highly efficiently for this purpose. After this, wood glue should be applied to each face and the bolt and washer secured in the access hole, with the locking nut twisted tight using a spanner. Note that a screwdriver can be used in place of a spanner should the hole prove too small, by tapping the end of the tool.

  1. Check Safety Aspects and Affix to Wall (if handrail is wall-mounted)

Remember, if your staircase is wider than 1 metre, you should have a handrail on either side for safety purposes. This should sit at least 900 millimetres from the line of the steps. Stairs should have at least one handrail whatever their width. Once you are perfectly happy with the way your handrail is prepared, it can then be affixed to the wall, preferably usinglonger Philips head screws (40mm in length is recommended) and a set of rawl plugs. Ensure you utilise all holes provided within the bracket for extra safety, and insert all screws to their full extent.

Contact the provider of your components for any specialized advice regarding particular types of newels, turns, volutes and other aspects that your staircase will feature. If you would like to chat to a member of the team at Pear Stairs about an installation query that you have, or if you are interested in ordering components for a new staircase from us, please call today on 01938 553311.

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For Even Minor Electrical Jobs, Trusting a Professional Is Smart

Electricians provide invaluable services and one of the main reasons you need to always have access to a good electrical professional is because most people cannot perform these services themselves. A good electrician can save you time and money in the long run and since they help both homeowners and business owners, they can be trusted with a variety of electrical jobs. From basic jobs such as repairing a thermostat to more advanced jobs such as rewiring an entire home, they provide top-notch services that are done right every time.

Don’t Try to Do These Jobs Yourself

Even small electrical jobs should be trusted to professional electricians because only they have the experience and knowledge to do a great job from start to finish. Professional electricians in Chesterfield can test and inspect your electrical system, install emergency lighting, provide safety services for your CCTV system or your fire alarm, and even install energy-efficient solar and LED lighting for your home or office. They work hard to offer top-notch services at reasonable prices and whether the job you need done is basic or complex, it is always best to trust them rather than doing it yourself.

They Make it Easy to Work with Them

Electricians are so professional and well-trained that working with them is always easy. They offer customer service-oriented technicians and free quotes on all the services provided, and they make it easy to contact and work with them. They work with individuals and commercial entities such as schools, pubs, retail shops, hotels, power stations, and commercial office buildings so their expertise extends way beyond just basic homes or condos. They are also insured and offer guarantees on their work so whether you need them to fix a light switch or install a complete home or office security system, you can trust them to do the job right every time.

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