July 15, 2018
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When you own a home, there’s a lot that you need to focus on. Maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are only some of the things that weigh on your shoulders. Of course, then the subcategories go even further and certain types of maintenance, repairs, and upgrades need to be focused on much more than others. Your […]
During the summer the heat can be overbearing at times. Most people are going to cool off the only way they can indoors by simply turning on the air conditioner. Some homes just don’t have that luxury. Even if these homeowners wanted to have an air conditioner placed in their home the sheer cost of […]
Maintenance & Repair
Enviro-Solutions Graffiti Remover  Most effective for: painted and unpainted smooth surfaces Least effective for: concrete Largely a good product. It does not run while wiping as it has a viscous consistency. It is ideal for the majority of smooth and hard surfaces as well as graffiti types. The amount of time the product is supposed […]