3 Big Safety Tips for your Loft Conversion


Converting an attic space into a loft is a great way to increase the value of your home. This renovation takes a space that would otherwise not be used and turns it into a liveable and usable area. Whether the transformation results in a spare bedroom, game room, or home office, you are getting the most out of your home. When implementing a plan for a loft conversion, there are safety issues to keep in mind. Follow these main 3 safety tips to ensure that your conversion is a safe one.

loft ladder

Tip 1: Install a Safe Loft Ladder

When converting a loft space to a usable area you, obviously, need a way to access the space. Many people use this portion of the renovation to get creative. The access stairway or loft ladder is often a major focal point space. Utilizing creative and artistic ladders adds to the appeal of the conversion. While the aesthetic effect of the stairway is important, the safety of the ladder is crucial. The loft ladder must have some form of handrail that will make it easier and safer for someone to ascend the ladder to the loft area. Additionally, the loft must be enclosed with railings that prevent someone from falling. View an example here.

Tip 2: Install an Escape Window

In addition to installing a safe ladder access, your converted loft space should also possess an additional escape window. In the event of an emergency preventing you from descending the access ladder, you need an additional escape method. Your loft must possess a window that can be opened and exited. It is also imperative that you store an emergency ladder in the loft so that you can use it to exit out of the window if needed. The safety measure still allows room for creative. You can choose to install a window that adds to the decorative appeal of the loft space. View an example here.

Tip 3: Install a Fire Door

Even if you have already installed an escape window in your loft space, including a fire door will result in an even safer loft space. The fire door can be installed at the top of the staircase accessing the loft. These doors are designed to withstand and contain a fire for between 20 and 90 minutes depending on the door. In the event of a house fire, these doors will provide you will ample time to avoid harm through the escape window. Deciding to install a fire door does not mean sacrificing looks. There are many attractive fire door options, including companies who will customize a fire door to meet your exact needs. View and example here.

Deciding to convert an unused attic in your home into a functional loft space is a great way to add both property and aesthetic value. However, safety precautions must not be ignored. When creating a plan for your loft conversion, keep these 3 major safety tips in mind to reduce the chance of accidents.

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