3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Company in Hawaii


Your home is probably the most valuable asset you own, and you can’t take any chances when it comes to maintaining, repairing or updating it. It may cost a little more to hire the best contractors and tradesman, but it’s worth paying for quality work and peace of mind that a job will be done properly. The roof is part of the core structure of a property, and it needs good quality maintenance and repair at all times.

Before you begin to search for roofing in Honolulu, there are some important things to consider about choosing the right contractor. A recommendation from a friend is a good place to start, but one good experience doesn’t mean a roofing company is right for the work you need to have done. A small company may be great for some basic repairs, but a larger project will need greater levels of expertise and experience. Home improvements always come at a cost, and it’s important to balance price with quality of workmanship. You may not need the most expensive contractor, but choosing the cheapest is something you may regret.

Roofing Company

Consider the following three points before choosing a roofing company to work on your property.

1) Check reviews and references.

Step one of finding a reputable and reliable roofing company is to check for reviews and references. Spend some time searching online, and look for any negative comments about a company you may be thinking of using. One bad review shouldn’t put you off, but if there’s a trend of negative comments it’s wise to move on to the next company. If everything looks good and a company makes it to your shortlist, ask to see references from previous customers. References should be recent and local to you, and ideally you should be able to call the people and ask about their own experience with the roofing company.

As well as confirming that a company has completed the job to a customer’s satisfaction, references should also confirm that a contractor meets local building regulations and other requirements. If possible, check to see if a company has a reputation for completing a roofing job on time.

2) Ask who will carry out the work and who will supervise the job.

A larger roofing company may have a number of employees, and their level of skill and experience will vary. Make sure that the roofers working on your home have the appropriate skills and experience required. Any building work should be supervised and overseen by a senior employee, and there should be regular quality checks and progress reports.

3) Ask about materials and warranties.

If poor quality materials are used on a roofing project, you may soon face having to make repairs. An experienced roofing company should offer you professional advice about the best materials for the job, and should be able to offer warranties that they will last. Ask questions about life span of materials, brand names and color choices and design. If you don’t feel the company has the right level of expertise for the job, move on to the next one.

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