5 Creative Ways to Use LED Lighting in Your Home


Do you struggle with creative lighting ideas for your home? LED lighting is not only a beautiful alternative to halogen or other types of lighting; it’s also incredibly versatile and environmentally friendly too. We’ll show you 5 creative ways to use LED lighting in your home.

Have you discovered the benefits of LED lighting for your home yet? LED lighting is the latest craze, but it’s one that’s set to stick around, largely due to the fact that LED is environmentally friendly. You might not know that an LED bulb can last up to 100,000 hours? That means your bulbs will last for 11 years (with continuous use) and around 20 years if you use your lights on average around 8 hours a day. LEDs are also energy efficient, durable and ecologically friendly – they’re 100% recyclable and contain no toxic chemicals. So, now we’ve looked at some of the benefits of LED lighting, here are 5 creative ways to use LED lighting in your home.

LED Lighting

1. Light up Dark CornersUsing LED strip lighting to light up dark corners allows you to get really creative with your use of LED lights. Because LED strip lights can be cut to size and affixed easily to any surface, you can turn previously un-unused nooks and crannies in your home into practical living space! Dark corners or nooks under the stairs become the perfect spot for a compact home office, or why not light up alcoves in your living room as a display area, perfect for storing books. Use 12v LED strip lights and you’re limited only by your imagination – they’re ideal for use in any room in the house.2. Create a Cool AtmosphereA popular use for LED strip lights is to use colourful lighting around the top or bottom of a room (or under appliances or cabinets) to create a cool atmosphere. This can look particularly stunning in a contemporary apartment or modern, neutrally decorated home and can be great for creating a party atmosphere!3. Take the Light OutsideLED lighting is a great way to illuminate your decking or patio, perfect for dining alfresco or entertaining friends. Waterproof LED strip lighting can be found fairly inexpensively online and can be affixed to the edges of your decking or patio to provide safe, reliable waterproof LED lighting that will last for years to come! Add to this practical lighting with pretty hurricane tealight lanterns and you’ll create a magical atmosphere that’s perfect for summer garden parties!4. Accentuate the PositiveLED spotlights can be used to draw attention to particularly attractive features in your home, such as an original Victorian fireplace or exposed brick wall. Installing LED spotlights draws the eye to these areas and creates a focal point in your room.5. Add Adjustable LightingYou can add dimmer switches to LED spotlights, which means that you can instantly create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere! Dim the lights in your dining room to provide the perfect romantic ambience for a dinner for two, or turn down the living room lights to snuggle up and watch a movie. LED lighting can be used creatively to great effect in your home, whether you’re looking for a funky, urban vibe, bright, practical lighting for your kitchen or accent lighting for your lounge. So add some LED lighting to your home today!

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