5 Great Benefits Of Installing Shop Roller Shutters


When you walk down the high street on the weekend of late in the evenings, most of the shops are shut, but if you look all around you, you will notice that they all have something in common. They all have roller shutters on their windows and for those who don’t have them, then that really should. There are reasons why these well known brand name shops choose to install these kinds of window and door covers, and we will look at some of the reasons here.

  1. Increased Security – The uppermost reason why they are installed is down to proper security measures. Insurance companies generally insist on them, and if you don’t have them installed, then your premiums will be higher than those who have installed them. Shop roller shutters in Perth, on your shop front, insure that it is next to impossible for an intruder to gain access to your property. They are a great visual deterrent to a would be burglar who really won’t have the time and inclination to break in, when there is an easier mark close by, with no roller shutters.

  1. Customisation – Depending on your brand and your marketing and advertising ideas, you can get roller shutters in all kinds of colours to match, and they can be customised to suit any size window or door. Shutters can also be installed internally, in case there is an area that you want closed off to staff and would be burglars. This area may contain sensitive information or expensive machines that need to be restricted at all times.

  1. Create Your Own Space – Shop roller shutters are also useful in spaces where you are sharing with other businesses. You may want to close for lunch or for a business appointment, and so you can close your section of the floor plan, but your fellow business people can remain open for trade. You can also get roller shutters that have gaps for customers to still look at your products when you are not there. It allows them to look and discuss with their friends, until you return back to deal with them in person.

  1. Piece Of Mind – Sometimes businesses are closed for extended periods of time, like over the Christmas holidays and New year. You may be a sole trader and work by yourself, so when you decide to take a holiday, the whole store is closed. Installing metal shop roller shutters allow you to relax when you are on vacation, safe in the knowledge that your shop is secure and it is not easy to get past this excellent security

  1. Sends A Message – Alongside your security cameras, alarm system and roller shutters, your business is as protected as it is going to be. It gives off a very clear message that you take security seriously and you will do anything to protect your shop. Thieves don’t want to deal with a store that is as well protected as this and they will move on to find easier pickings.

Roller shutters are a great security feature for any business and they protect your investment. It makes sense to protect your investment.

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