5 Things You Should Know About Dibond Signs


Dibond or metal signs as what most people would call them are the more luxurious version of a yard signage. They are known to last longer than any type of signage while they also look more professional and extremely pleasant. However, it goes without saying that dibonds are a little more expensive than other types of signage. Although that is the case, most people who make use of them are satisfied and found that their cost is worthwhile.

Metal signs made of aluminium composite panels give a more decent and professional look and tend to last longer.


A dibond, from the name itself, is actually like a bond of two exterior sheets that are being held together by a core. It is slightly similar to a corrugated plastic. The sheets are made from high durability aluminum while the core is made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a solid material that is overall better than aluminum. It is relatively thick making it impossible to have dents and dings which happen often to aluminum. Although thick, polyethylene is still very lightweight.


Since metal is a relatively pricey compared to other materials, metal signs tend to be relatively expensive. However, metal signs are more durable and long-lasting which means you only need to spend on it once. Take note that when there is a need for shipping, it can cost you more. If you are a professional or a business owner that needs a sign that has your name and contact information, metal signs are the best option as they have this distinct professional look and can last for a much longer period.

Finish Options

There are finish options when you go for metal signs. A bright white vinyl on your design is a standard finish. However, for more custom and modern look, you can always go for brushed metal finish for additional costs.

You also have the option to have either one-sided or two-sided metal sign. If you are going to mount your dibond to a wall, you only need one-sided dibond. However, if you are going to install it like a post, then you better choose two-sided dibond so both directions can see your signage.

A reflective property is also another option you can make use of for your signage. This means that even at night, when vehicle lights hit your metal sign, it will bounce off and people will have better vision of your sign.

Shelf Life

Dibonds can last a lifetime. They are weather-resistant and they will never fade or rust especially if you purchased high quality metal signs. For long-term use, metal signs are always the best option.


Metal signs can easily be used with other accessories. They can easily fit into real estate frames. They can also be mounted to any wall or be wired into a fence. You can always ask your Multi Panel UK company to drill holes but since they are thin, you can easily do it on your own.

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