A Brief Guide for House Extensions


If you want to add another room in your house or just wish to extend the building to cover more of your property, there are several different options available to you. House extensions are generally quite costly, but the cost varies based on the changes that you want to make.

For instance, adding one room is generally nominal and quite affordable. However, if you add several rooms to your house or opt for a freestanding structure, it’s obviously going to cost you more. There are several ways by which you can extend your house, such as:

  • Add a conservatory
  • Build another room
  • Create a separate outdoor space

The house extension cost in Basingstoke is largely going to vary depending on your vision and the materials that you choose. Here is a brief guide for house extensions.

Table of Contents

Discuss Your Idea

If you have an idea about extending your house and adding another room, the first thing you need to do is contact a local construction company and discuss it with them. You need to get an estimate and also figure out whether it’s doable or not, and if yes, how much it’s going to cost you.

Set a Budget

You may want to get a ballpark figure from the company about the total cost of the house extension. It’s best to compare quotes from different companies before you make a decision. It’s an excellent way to get a better idea about the difference in pricing from several companies.

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