All that you want to know about carpet and windows cleaning


You need to keep your home clean at all the time and this includes the tedious task of cleaning carpets and windows. As far as carpets are concerned, you can avail commercial carpet cleaners Richmond Hill help on a periodical basis. However we suggest that you try out some home remedies for cleaning with of them so that you do not require commercial service that often. Read this article to find some tips on this subject.

When dealing with windows cleaning always keep the screen at an angle to its edge. Make the cleaning solution by mixing 1 cup ammonia and 1 tbsp of liquid soap and 3 cups of water. Pour the solution in the nebulizer. Spray it on the screen. Stiff brush, gently wipe the screen to remove dirt and dust. Rinse with warm water and dry it with dry air. This is the best way to clear the screen. Do not forget to spray cleaning solution on both sides of the screen. If you notice any band, go to the second round of spraying and drying. The best time to start cleaning windows on a cool, cloudy day. Sometimes, soapy water (or cleaning solution) is not dried on a glass screen. Organize a tarp in your yard to dry the screen. Make sure the surface is clean and devoid of pebbles or stones.

If the carpet is made of natural wool, it can be cleaned with foam. On sale is a special equipment for carpet cleaning, which create a dense chemically aggressive foam. Means shall be uniformly applied and removed after 10-15 minutes. Active substances collected dirt from the surface of the carpet or carpet. You can resort to the old-fashioned way of cleaning. In winter, when there is severe frost, the carpet should be brought into the fresh clean snow. On the surface of the carpet poured a layer of snow, and after a while he swept away with a broom. In this killed all kinds of cleaning mites, insects that can live in the thick carpet.

The carpet is hung up on the bar and knocked on both sides of the special beater. Dust and small particles due to collisions are removed from the surface of the carpet, the size become more fluffy. After knocking recommended to wipe the pile with a weak solution of vinegar. This procedure will allow the paint to freshen the image. Carpets with soft backing is not very desirable to punch out, as they can be damaged, thereby reducing the operating life. Another popular method of cleaning is a tea way. Tea leaves from used tea leaves scattered on the surface of the carpet, and then swept away. Recently, on sale there are many specialized tools for carpet cleaning. It should be very carefully read the instructions to them, as in the pursuit of a super-strong cleaning manufacturer often introduced in due potent chemicals that can permanently ruin your carpet. We trust that the data in this post was useful to you.

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