Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips


Carpets have been around for centuries. A carpet is generally a type of textile flooring that’s made from wool or other materials. Woven carpets were originally introduced back in Persia, and they were mainly used by nobles and kings in the beginning. However, as the practice of hand weaving became more and more popular, carpets became a common feature in many houses.

Today, carpets are used in millions of households around the globe. There are also hundreds of different variations for you to choose from as well. However, while carpets can dramatically improve the interior décor of any place, they are incredibly difficult to maintain. In case you put a stain on the carpet, it might be pretty difficult to remove and clean. Here are some basic tips for carpet cleaning.

Take it to a Cleaner

If the stain is pretty big in size, you shouldn’t try and remove it on your own. Instead, it’s best to call in professional carpet cleaners in Bromley to take a look. If you try to meddle with it by yourself, you may end up damaging the fabric and the carpet’s fibres. The company will send over a team to first inspect the stain and see if it can be removed on-site. If that’s not a possibility, the company will take the carpet to their workshop and have it thoroughly cleaned for you.

Don’t Use Sharp Chemicals and Don’t Rub on the Stain

There are hundreds of different carpet cleaning detergents and cleaning materials available in the market. However, you should avoid purchasing cleaning materials that contain sharp ingredients, as these dicey chemicals can actually damage the fabric of the carpet and cause discolouration. Another thing that you should avoid doing is rubbing the stain, because kneading and massaging the stain will actually further ingrain it into the carpet’s fibres. Instead, you should use a clean rag to simply blot the stain out.

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