What are the Benefits of Installing UPVC Windows


What are popularly known as “UPVC”, (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride), double glazed windows are nowadays more popular than ever, and as some of you already know, these are windows where the frames made from a type of durable plastic.

Double glazing, as everybody knows, refers to all windows which are constructed from two panes of glass with a space in between them. The popularity nowadays of UPVC double glazed windows being used to take the place of older ones in buildings in Great Britain and overseas is certainly on the rise and looks set to rise even higher in the future.

There are lots of advantages in having UPVC double glazed windows fitted in your home:

  1. Cheaper than other types of windows.
  2. Less maintenance because of PVC window frames
  3. Rot proof
  4. No need for racks
  5. Peel proof
  6. And, no flaking!

All of which equals, there being no need for a future paint job!  All that is required to keep these windows clean is an easy wipe with a damp cloth! How’s that for being user friendly?!

Extremely Durable

UPVC double glazed sash windows in Essex, are much more durable than all other kinds of frames on the market because there’s no warping or bending occurring and that’s in all weather conditions. The very window frames are hard to break, and thus makes sure that intruders will stay away from your home. In addition, due to there being two panes of glazing rather than the single one, they are much more difficult to break than the single pane type.

The two panes in UPVC double glazed windows also help to reduce those awful power bills, due to being better at insulating homes than single glazed windows. The air between the two panes aids in keeping heat inside the home, which then results in less power being used. Also, double glazing has an extra bonus of cutting down on the amount of noise entering the home, and after a fitting, ensures an enhanced level of quietness.

Great Looks 

A home’s exterior is naturally important for improving its value and future sales potential. Many potential buyers will be sold on just the outer features of a property, so surely it’s a great idea if you’re thinking of selling at a later date, why not enjoy both the benefits of having UPVC fitted now, and then have it as an added bonus for future potential buyers?

UPVC differs from other types of thermoplastics which are totally derived from oil. UPVC is made from 57% salt and 43% oil, which provides it with some extra special technical properties, and helps in the promotion of great value. UPVC also uses a much lower quantity of energy in its production than other commodity plastics, and is easily re-melted at hot temperatures, making it a superbly sustainable and recyclable material.

Benefits? That’s quite a few!

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