The Best Way to Source a Quality Painting Contractor


The majority of Australian property owners hire a professional painter to do renovation projects on their home. Painting the interior or exterior of your premises can be challenging, not to mention it can take at least a few days to complete depending on the size of the job. Most people don’t have enough time, so they opt to hire a contractor.

Here are some important tips to consider when sourcing a painter.


You should arrange to meet at least 3 painting contractors before you decide to hire anybody. When they visit your home, take some time to observe their actions, did they assess the job properly? Or was it a quick look, followed by a quote? A reputable contractor conducting painting quotes in Perth won’t just take 5 minutes to assess a job and immediately give you a price, they’ll take their time and look around your property. Once they’ve thoroughly examined and evaluated the project, they’ll come back to you with a figure. The longer the contractor takes assessing the area, the more realistic the quote. Look for a painter who doesn’t rush their assessment and provides you with a genuine evaluation of the job.

Gather Information

As the contractor is assessing your property, take some time to ask them about their standard of work. You can start with some questions such as:

  • How well do they prepare the interior of your home before painting?
  • What do they use to cover furniture & other important items?
  • How many people will assist them during the job?
  • How many coats do they think you’ll need on certain areas?
  • Are they fully covered for any damages?

While they walk around your home, ask them questions about their company, the more information you can find, the more informed you’ll become. It will also help you to make a decision when choosing which one to hire.

Gather Estimates

Ask each painting contractor who visits your home to supply a written estimate, you’ll require a breakdown of each cost including areas such as, labour, price of primers and paint, the type of brand they’ll use and other such important information. Each estimate will also tell you more about the contractor, if they provide a detailed, concise list, you know you are dealing with a professional outfit. Whereas a insubstantial, brief breakdown tends to show that the painter is lazy, even when providing a quote.

Check References

It is important to check references, ask the contractor can they supply at least 3 references from previous clients. They should provide contact details, so you can call them to see what their experience was like with a specific contractor, a reputable company should have no problem with this request.

You shouldn’t make a rushed decision when hiring a painting contractor, if you want a quality service, it is vital to conduct some background research on your potential painters. Speak to at least 3 companies and have them provide a detailed assessment. Don’t always choose the one who offers the cheapest quote, they may not provide the best service.

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