How can you lower your Energy Bills


You must be confused thinking what am I asking, regarding which bills electricity or water bills or what? Right? I’m here to help you out regarding the bills which can be related to any kind of whether electricity bills or water bills or any kind of bill which loosen’s your wallet and makes you feel stressed. What specially comes in your mind when you think of lowering your energy bills or reducing any kind of bills? Is it like you have fan and AC in your home but you don’t use them just thinking that your electricity bills might get raised? Then stop this kind of foolish things and enjoy the technology that has been provided for us.

Let’s see some great and useful ways to reduce our bills as well as our stress

General tips

  • Not only turn off the electrical devices but unplug them when they are not in use. Computers, TV’s, coffee makers etc. which are responsible for energy consumption.
  • Did you know you can save energy by rotating your ceiling fan in reverse direction, (don’t worry not by your hands there is a switch which can help you in this case) which forces the warm air back to the room, and you can lower the thermostat.

Use Energy when you need it

So the chilling winter season has started now, so you must be keeping the thermostat or any other heating appliances on all the time. This can increase your electricity bills too, but just having a few points in your mind you can play it safe.

  • On the central warmer instead of switching on in every room Grundfos pumps such as heating circulator pumps
  • Off the warmer when you leave your house or when not in use.
  • Cover your windows and insulators with proper curtains in order to prevent any cool wind flowing into the room/house and any kind of warm air flowing out of your room/house.

Solar heaters

These are the best option during summer or warmer days, as you can save lots of energy by the use of solar heaters replacing electrical heaters or geysers for heating water, few appliances can be made functional etc..

Water bills

Not only electricity bills are point of concerned but water bills are also a big criteria of concern, as its availability (shortage) and increase in demands, it is making its price go higher and higher, which affects your wallets by increasing your water bills. So it’s also important to save water and use water when only in need of without wasting much quantity of it.

Further Easy & Important tips

  • Use timer or sensors on outdoor lighting.
  • Use the right utensils in the gas stoves can prevent loss of extra LPG consumption.
  • Keep your fireplace damper closed.
  • Wear proper/warmer clothes during winter to lower the use of thermostat or warmer appliances.


By going through these easy and simple tips and applying in your daily life you can not only consume energy but also protect the strength of your wallet and be free from stress.

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