What Can You Use Chippings And Rocks In Your Back Garden For


Chippings are extremely useful because they fulfil a range of different roles in the back garden. You can buy a few bags of different chippings and then store them in a dry place such as the garage. These chippings will then stay in perfect condition.

When you are choosing some chippings, think about the tasks that you would like to complete. Compare several different options before you choose the chippings that you need.


Gravel is extremely useful because it can be used in a variety of different ways. You might want to use the gravel for your driveway, or you might want a walkway through your back garden.

  • The gravel is weather-resistant.
  • The gravel is heavy enough so that it is not going to blow away in high winds.
  • The gravel is going to make the back garden extremely attractive.
  • The gravel is not going to soak up any water at all.


Bark from Harper Bagged Products is something else that you can spread onto the garden in order to make flower beds more attractive. The bark is also going to soak up excess moisture that could otherwise affect your plants and vegetables.

  • The bark is heavy enough so that it is not going to blow away in the wind.
  • The bark comes in several different colours, so it can add an eye-catching element to your garden.
  • The bark can be added to a compost heap and it will be able to decompose before the compost is spread over the plants and the flowers in the backyard.


Stones can be arranged into interesting patterns and they can also be arranged to protect plants and flowers from animals which occasionally come wandering into your back yard

  • Animals will not be able to dislodge the stones with their paws.
  • The stones can be rearranged every few months to give the garden a brand new look that you are not going to get bored of easily.


A rock pool can be installed in your garden. The pond can be dug and then you can buy the rocks that need to go around it.

  • The rocks will form a protective barrier for any of the fish that are kept in the rock pool.
  • The rocks will also prevent people from falling into the rock pond. This is especially useful when you have young children who could potentially fall in the pond.


Granite is more durable than ordinary gravel. You might decide to put this down if you are experiencing a patch of particularly bad weather or if you want something secure for your garden pathway.

  • The granite is going to be able to resist rainwater.
  • The granite is going to make your garden look more attractive than it already is.

Overall Conclusion

There are lots of chippings and stones that you can lay on the garden in order to make a walkway or to improve the flower beds.

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