How To Create A Roof Top Garden


If you are lucky enough to own a roof top garden, you may find it difficult to make it look, well, like a garden.

Many roof top gardens look like a balcony and can become impractical during harsher weather conditions, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Roof top gardens are much more common with city living people, which can cause complications because, what comes with city living? Busyness.

What you need is speed, efficiency and being able to utilise the space you do have, but what you also need is a place to unwind; a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday working life. A roof top garden could be your answer if designed correctly.


Roof top gardens are, funnily enough, on the roof so you need some form of shelter if you want to escape those blustery, wet British conditions that we so often have. Shelter can come in many forms, including gazebos, umbrellas and even plants. Installing trellis and poles for Ivy to grow around can often be useful and low maintenance when attempting to create a blanket cover from prying eyes. The green curtain can be both a key feature to your space as well as offering some shade during the hotter weeks of the year.


Plants make up many gardens, regardless of whether your property is in the city or in the countryside, and a roof top garden is no different. Add a splash of colour to the corners of your garden to break up the edges and offer a bit of vibrancy, giving off a relaxing air. Small potted plants are perfect for this!

Decking and Flooring

Decking is both the simple and common option for a roof top garden, but there are other options and the main, most effective one is synthetic grass lawns. This allows people to have fake grass lawns in their gardens when they might think the option isn’t possible. With the ability to withstand all weather conditions and allowing water to pass through it, it will mean when it does decide to rain, your roof top garden will not flood. It looks the part too! Grass is fundamental to any garden on the ground so why should yours be any different. It requires no maintenance and is quick and easy to install; you could even do it yourself.

Other Additions

Accessories look great throughout your whole home and this should be echoed in your garden. Add some soft lighting, like a lantern for example, which will give a very intimate and relaxing lighting solution and doesn’t take up too much space, which is a bonus.

You may need a shed for storage and with so many different sizes available; you could find one suitable to fit your garden and your stuff. Other furniture that will prove its use is seating; somewhere for you to chill out and enjoy both sunrise and sunset. If you are struggling for space though, foldable chairs are a great addition and are practical too.

The most important thing to remember though is to make your garden your own. Make sure it is the place you enjoy, but it could also be the place your friends and family enjoy too.

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