Double-glazed Windows Are Featured in Various Designs


No one who has a new window installation can deny the quality of double-glazed windows. When two-tiered glass panes are paired with a stylish window frame, the windows provide a homeowner with many years of reliable performance.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Because glass is a conductor of heat, a single-paned glass window is not a reliable way to keep your home’s interior comfortable in the summer or winter. A double-glazed window, however, offers an insulative quality–one that will maintain your home’s comfort level and reduce your energy costs.

Again, you can choose from a number of window styles–each that are featured by an affordable double glazing company in Cheshunt. These styles include the following:

  • Bay windows
  • Tilt and turn windows
  • Casement windows
  • Flush-sash windows
  • Sliding-sash windows
  • Slim-sash windows

Slim-sash Double-glazed Windows

If you want to feature more glass, you may want to consider slim-sash windows. The larger glass area permits more light to stream into a home. Moreover, you still receive the same amount of security and energy efficiency as other double-glazed window constructions.

Flush-sash Window Frames

If you want a traditional-looking window installation, you may be interested in flush-sash windows. The windows feature a classic timber appearance with the sashes fitting flush in the window’s frame. The windows offer a pre-1932 look but feature 21st century advantages thermally.

In fact, all the aforementioned window styles offer thermal benefits. That is why you do not want to overlook the substantial advantages associated with double-glazed glass. Review the window designs today online.

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