Enjoy Your Home Again


When you have a health issue or begin to age, you may have difficulty accessing certain parts of your home. Steps, narrow doorways, and bathrooms are common issues in homes of the elderly. Many people do not think about aging or physical disabilities when they purchase a home. Homes are also not set up for handicapped access when they are designed and built. Changes to the home can give elderly people the joy of using parts of their home that are currently out of reach.


The fact that a home is a one-story building, does not mean that everything is the same level. Many homes have sunken living rooms or steps that go up into different areas. Even various flooring textures can cause a problem when it comes to rolling a wheelchair through the home. It is important to have even flooring throughout the home to prevent several issues.

  • Falls
  • Wheels of a wheelchair getting stuck
  • Legs of walking device getting stuck


Doorways are another issue when it comes to access for disabled individuals. They are often too narrow for wheelchairs to fit through. A person learning to use a wheelchair may not be able to aim perfectly through a narrow space. Doorways can easily be widened allow for comfortable navigation throughout the home. Check out options for local disabled adaption plans in Sandwell.

When areas of a home become inaccessible, it can lower quality of life. An elderly person may be in a home they raised their family in. Many happy memories are a part of the home. When it becomes usable again, their spirits may be lifted. The can also be more self-sufficient, gaining self-esteem.

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