Find the Easiest Ways to Prevent Electrical Power Fault


An electrical fault is one of the major problems that people face these days all over the world. This is caused due to many problems like bad condition of the environment, failures of the transformers, etc. If the electrical power fault is not diagnosed on time and necessary steps are not taken then, it can lead to the death of individuals or families. It can even do damages to your highly expensive equipment and electrical goods. Most of the time, you get to hear the news and read newspapers that fire caught due to a short circuit, which is again due to electrical power faults.

There are people around you who are expert in understanding these problems well and can do what is necessary to avoid all these situations.

What are the Types of Electrical Fault?

One of the common types of electrical power fault is the short circuit. In this type of fault, the insulation gets damaged. There are other faults as well:

  • The fault of 3 phases short circuit: When the insulation of 3 types of phase breaks, then this type of fault occurs.
  • Fault of phase to phase to the fault in the ground: This type of fault is known to be one of the severe kind of fault and it occurs rarely.
  • Fault of 2 phase to ground: When the insulation between the earth and 2 phases break this type of fault occurs. About ten percent chances are of this fault to occur.
  • Fault of phase to phase: When short circuit takes place in 2 conductors, then this type of fault occurs.

The Effects of the Electrical Faults

There are many disadvantages and effects of the Electrical Power Fault that people can experience.

  • The first and most common effect caused by the electrical fault is the explosion and fire. This is due to the excessive heat caused by the formation of the heavy current discovered by the fault.
  • The element of the power system can be damaged due to the heavy current of the short circuit because it is transferred to the arc form.
  • The electrical faults could be responsible for the damage to the parts of the system as well.

Causes of the Electrical Faults

Before finding the solution to the electrical problems, it is important for one to understand the exact causes of these faults. The major cause of the power failure is explained below:

  • It can cause due to the problems in the underground cable
  • Lightening could be another cause for the electrical faults
  • Another cause are the squirrels
  • Failure of transformers could also cause the power failure or electrical faults
  • Contact with the trees could lead to the electrical faults

Safety Tips to Be Safe in Electrical Faults

When you are doing any kind of electrical work, always follow some of the safety rules in order to be Safe and prevent the Electrical Power Faults.

  • While installing any of the electric systems in your home you must always check the fuse box and turn off the main switch. Remove the fuse of the circuit to avoid electrical issue.
  • You should always use a tester to check the circuit in order to check if the circuit is completely dead and no current is passing.
  • If you are working on the circuit, you must always keep the others informed. So try to put a note on it so that everyone is aware of it and this will prevent accidents.

These are some of the important tips to keep in mind in case of an electrical power fault.

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