Five Benefits of Installing Pedestrian and Driveway Gates


If security is important in your neighbourhood, then a gated fence can help make your property more secure. Access to your home can be controlled by both pedestrian and driveway gates, which can be either manually or automatically operated. Here are five benefits of having gates to secure your home.

Keep Children and Pets Safer

Along with keeping unwanted guests off your property, having driveway and pedestrian gates will help keep your children and pets from wandering away. If you live on a busy street, having a gated property will prevent them from running into the street after a toy or after another animal.

The gates can also keep wildlife out of your yard if you live in a rural area. If you have privacy fencing, no one will be able to see your children and pets when they are outside playing.

Approve Visitors

If your gates are automated, you can approve of whom you let onto your property. By installing an audio intercom, visitors can introduce themselves before you admit them onto your property.

For even better security, a video intercom is available to help you ensure that the person trying to seek entry to your property is who they claim to be. You can have them show their work identification to the camera or make sure it really is your friend coming over for a visit.

Improve Property Value

By securing your property and choosing gates which complement the exterior of your home, the system can add value to your home. Driveway security gates alone can add about five percent to a property’s value. There are attractive gate options for your home that can add curb appeal to your property as well.

Easy to Maintain

If your gates get dirty because of wind blowing around dust or from storms, you can power wash the gates to remove dirt and debris. In addition, keeping the gate tracks free from debris such as leaves and sticks means you won’t have to worry about the driveway gate getting stuck when it tries to open. Keeping Perth gates in good repair will help keep your property secure from potential home invasions or burglars while you’re away from home.

Choice of Styles

There are several styles of driveway and pedestrian gates to choose from for your home. You can choose from privacy gates which block the view of your property or gates which complement a chain link fence. There is also the choice between metal gates, those in wood tones, or painted gates in wide variety of colours that will complement most home exteriors.

Protecting your property and your family is something that everyone is concerned about, and securing your property with gates can help keep your property and family safe.

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