Forget Unclean Carpets With Carpet Extractor


At home or at office, one has to give time to look after the cleanliness of the place. A clean interior and exterior, always leaves a good impression on the visitor and helps them feel comfortable. Carpet cleaning is a hideous work since times unknown. You cannot even neglect this task. Clean carpets are symbolic of a clean and well-maintained house. Carpet cleaning methods have been improvised from time to time. In this busy life, none has enough time to sit and clean the carpets all by self. The latest introduction in the world of carpet cleaning is carpet extractor which cleanses your carpet – removing dirt and stain and making it healthy and germ free to use. Extracting the dirt, pollen, micro dust particles, debris and cleansing stains and spots, leaving a spotlessly clean and fresher carpet is all what carpet extractor does.

Works like a magic tool

Very rightly, this cleaner can be termed as a magic tool. Cleaning those heavy stained, dust-filled carpets is a child play now. The extractor uses hot water, detergent and scrub brush to clean. A suction is build to extract the deep tangled dirt and debris and to remove allergens. Through this process it removes the deep embedded dust particles and stains.The extractor has some components, i.e.,

  • The pump which helps generating pressure.
  • The vacuum which extracts the dust and stains from deep.
  • Solution and recovery tank. The solution tank stores water to rinse while the recovery tank holds the extracted impurities.
  • The cleaner comes with a large number of wands and attachments for better cleaning.

Why carpet extractor?

Hey, are youinterested in filling buckets of water and rubbing those stained and ugly carpets with your pretty petal hands!? A big no, of course. Carpet extractor is there to clear up the mess. It is the painless and trouble-free carpet cleaning solution.

  • Forget those stubborn stains
  • No more stinky carpets
  • No more allergens
  • Bye bye bacteria
  • Cheaper in price
  • Easy to use

What makes it better?

Time saviour – the major advantage of the extractor is that it saves time. None has time in todays world to carry the carpet to the dry cleaners or spend hours to clean one. The developed technology has thankfully got a perfect solution which is most importantly time saver and easy to handle. Using a carpet extractor eases the work of carpet cleaning. There are many substitutes for carpet cleaning available in the market – hot water extraction or steam cleaning, dry cleaning, household processes and various other methods. But the extractor can be regarded as the best in the field since it not only cleanses the carpet but also removes the allergens and bacteria giving a healthier environment.

Soggy, smelly or unclean carpets, carpet extractor at your rescue.

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