A Guide to Modern Replacement Windows and Doors


Up until a few years ago, windows and doors were quite basic, with a single pane of glass inserted into a timber frame, yet modern versions are quite complex, with double glazed units that are supported by steel framed UPVC or anodised aluminium, depending on the customer’s preference. Having two sheets of glass offers several advantages, the first being the heat saving, as much less heat transfers through to the outside than with a single paned window, and then you have the sound insulation, which is perfect if you live near a major road or a train line.

Hermetically Sealed Units

This is the secret ingredient to double glazing, as the hermetic seal prevents any heat loss through the space between the two panes of glass, and it also dramatically reduces, or sometimes eliminates condensation. Specially formulated plastic sections are used as separators, and once the two panes of glass are in place, the unit is sealed hermetically, which will ensure optimum performance.

Composite Materials

Frames are typically fabricated from either aluminium or UPVC, which are both very durable, and with a choice of colours and finishes, it is easy to find the right combination that complements the property. If you prefer aluminium, make sure to ask for thermally broken frames, as this is a barrier against heat loss and also condensation. If your home is of rustic appearance, there are faux timber grain finishes that will not look out of place in a country setting.

Design Options

Regarding opening styles, modern windows are made to measure, which really gives you carte blanche, so to speak, and if the property is an older style, sash windows can be installed to keep in line with the existing appearance. Georgian and Tudor styles can be perfectly replicated using composite materials, and any established company would have hands-on experience in blending with the character of the property. If you live in Essex or surrounding areas, there is an excellent window showroom in Pinner, where you can really see the different styles and designs available.

Factory Made Units

The units would be made to specific measurements and would arrive on site ready to install, and with each unit built to fit a specific aperture, you are sure of a perfect fit. The installation team would be very experienced, and they would leave the home in perfect condition, having done all the remedial work on both inside and outside elevations.

Extended Warranty

Modern windows and doors would typically come with a 10-year warranty, and with zero maintenance, it makes for excellent value. The value of your property would no doubt increase substantially, due to the new windows and doors, and when you consider it is a fit and forget scenario, replacing your windows and doors is a wise investment that will continue to pay dividends for many years to come.

Any established company would be able to quote you for any specific design, and if you choose someone local, you can view a few of their previous projects before making a decision.

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