Guttering Comes in Different Configurations


Living in Northampton means that rainfall is not sizeable at 650 millimetres annually. However, a downpour in the town can be unpredictable. As a result, when it rains, it pours in significant qualities and sometimes gives rise to flooding.

Keeping the Water Away From Your Home

That is why it is important to install the right type of guttering on your home. Today, you can choose from four types of gutters to keep the water flowing and away from your property. These types of gutters are seamless guttering, uPVC guttering, and guttering that is made from cast iron or aluminium. Companies such as ARG (Aluminium Rainwater Goods) provide these types of gutters as well as other items such as cladding, fascias, composite doors, and canopies.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless guttering in Northampton is considered a premium upgrade as this type of gutter minimises leaks and is easy to clean. The structure is consistent, which makes it an ideal performer when a locale is hit by weather extremes. If you opt for uPVC guttering, you can choose the accessory in a number of types and colours. The same is true of cast iron guttering. You can also choose from standard circular, rectangular, and square designs.

Downpipes That Vandals Can’t Climb

Companies such as ARG (Aluminium Rainwater Goods) also make installations such as vandal-resistant downpipes. This type of downpipe is non-climbable and features concealed fixings. Because of these features, the downpipe is often installed on commercial properties.

Cast Aluminium Gutters

If you choose cast aluminium guttering, it is made with aluminium casting methods. The gutters normally have a life expectancy of up to 40 years and are offered in a full range of finishes and colours. Because cast aluminium gutters do not rust, the maintenance on them is minimal.

Convenient Guttering

If you choose to go with a seamless design, you will greatly reduce the possibility of leaks as noted. This is especially important if you experience an unexpected downpour. Plus, the seamless design is made with a finish that eliminates the need for painting. Gutters of this type can be formed in the exact measurements that are given for placement.

Do You See Signs of Mould?

If your commercial or residential structure displays peeling paint or mould, it could be an indicator that your guttering needs to be replaced. When a gutter becomes clogged with debris, it starts to pull away from a structure or sags. In some cases, the guttering may not be pitched properly, which results in pooling water that attracts unwanted mould.

Ice Buildup

If ice builds up in your gutter in the winter time, it normally has to do with poor ventilation in the attic. If this is a concern, make sure that you express this fact to the guttering professional who takes your order for new gutters. When heat escapes through an attic and onto a roof, melted snow begins to find its way to the roofline. By the time it reaches the gutter, it becomes frozen. Blocked drainpipes or gutters that are incorrectly placed can also lead to an issue with ice accumulation.

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