Hot Water Boiler Repair Companies in Leeds


Hot water boilers are home appliances that are normally used to heat water in a hydronic water heating system. They provide the heating system that keeps the homes and houses warm. After being heated in the boiler, the water is then distributed through the house or home in pipes. The pipes allow the heat to radiate into the rooms through cast iron, steel radiators or baseboard convectors. After heating the radiator, the water then flows back into the boiler and get heated again and the circulation continues. This system however, only applies when the boiler is working and functioning properly. In cases where the boiler is not functioning effectively, repairs should be done to correct the problem.

Common boiler problems

Some of the common boiler problems include:

• The boiler not producing enough heat due to no power, low water level, burner ignition problem or a faulty thermostat.
• Poor heating by the boiler due to mineral deposits in heat exchanger or boiler or improper water level.
• High level of water in the expansion tank causing inadequate air.
• Leakage of water around the boiler caused by faulty circulator or pressure relief valve or leaking water pipe.
Such boiler problems can be solved by a professional plumber or a boiler repair engineer and the boiler restored to the proper functioning condition.

Boiler repairs in Leeds

There are various repair services that are available to the residents of Leeds. These are offered by companies that are based in Leeds or have some of their technicians and engineers working in the area.

Some of the registered professional boiler repair Leeds service providers include:

1. Woodhead Boiler Installation services

This is one of the Gas Safe registered plumbers in Leeds that offer boiler repair services. They have versed experience and professionals that will be able to assist the customers where necessary. They provide a 24hrs and 7 days a week service. They specialize in boiler replacement and repairs, power flushing of boiler, gas appliance testing and central heating installation among others.

2. H Gas and Heating services

This company is Gas Safe registered and they provide boiler repair, servicing and replacement services for domestic customers in Leeds. They carry out repair service for different types of boilers such as system boilers, combi boiler, electric boilers and conventional boilers. They offer fast and efficient services such as boiler installation and replacement, boiler servicing and repairs, mega flow installations, repairs and servicing among others.

3. AJD Gas Repair Company

This Gas Safe registered boiler repair company is based in Leeds and Wakefield and is normally a call away when it comes to boiler repair or servicing. They have engineers who specialize in boiler breakdown and are thus can carry out the repairs effectively. They can be called to effectively fix any problem with the central heating system. They use the manufacturers’ parts when carrying out repairs thus is very reliable. They also provide servicing of boiler and other boiler accessories.

4. C.S Rose Solar Plumbing

This is an expert team of boiler repair engineers who are based in Leeds and offer repair services in Leeds and its surroundings. They specialize in simple boiler installation and servicing as well as installation and servicing of the new types of eco-friendly boilers. They are also registered by Gas Safe thus their services are safe, effective and efficient. They can be called to carry out repairs, installations as well as servicing of boilers.

5. MH Plumbing and Heating

This is also a team of boiler repair engineers that are reliable and offer boiler repairs in Leeds and its surroundings. They can provide help in cases of boiler breakdown. They also carry out boiler installations and servicing to their clients. Being Gas Safe Registered, their services are professional and meet the recommended safety standards. They offer repair services to both domestic and commercial customers.

Boilers play key roles in our homes as they may be the main source of heat keeping the house warm. Having it serviced on a regular basis especially annually is thus important. Some of the regular servicing procedures include testing and inspecting the key components of the boiler, checking for any signs of leaks, tear and wear or corrosion, safety inspection of the boiler as well as carbon monoxide testing. In Leeds, professional technicians who are able to offer such services are available and are just a call away.

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