How Is the Health of Your Roof


Did you know that your roof is the one thing that keeps the rain and weather out of your home? Without it, you’d be subject to the whims of all sorts of weather conditions and be rather uncomfortable! This also means that the average roof endures a lot of wear and tear due to the damaging effects of rain, sun, snow, and wind over long periods of time.

What Can Happen When Your Roof Leaks?

The problem is that all of this weather and wear and tear can cause cracks, dislodged tiles, and holes in the average roof. Local domestic roofers in Leeds can tell all sorts of stories about the roofs they repair, but here are just some of the problems that can occur if a leaky roof is neglected for too long without calling a professional:

  • Rotten wood: One of the biggest problems is that rain leaking into the roof space will also likely damage the timbers. This can lead to a weakening of the wooden structures that hold up the roof.
  • Insulation: We all depend on good insulation during extreme The problem is that when rain gets in, it can seriously damage your insulation. This is an expensive headache to have to fix.
  • Wiring: Water is the enemy of electrical wiring, and when it drips into the roof and pools, it can rot the wiring and even cause short circuits and electrical fires!

Don’t Wait to Call a Roofer

If you suspect that your roof is leaking and you hear the tell-tale drip of rain on top of your ceiling, it might be time to call a professional roofer.

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