How to Choose Between Roof Repair and Replacement


You may get by with roof repairs for a couple of decades. However, most asphalt or felt roofs require replacement after about fifteen to thirty years, depending on the quality of the initial installation, weather, and natural wear and tear.

The following details may help you determine if it is time to consider replacing your roof.

Signs That Your Roof Is Beyond Repair

A cracked, peeling or missing roof tile is typically easy to repair. However, when you continue to deal with the same repairs year after year, your roof may be showing signs of old age. Along with repeated repairs, you may notice some of the following issues:

  • Significant leaks, even after repairs
  • Draughts in the upper floors
  • Dark streaks on the tiles from algae or mould
  • Uncontrollable moss growth
  • The flashing is cracking or breaking
  • Your roof is older than twenty years old

If you suspect that your roof damage is beyond repair, the next step is to hire expert roofing services in Southampton.

Get a Professional Assessment of Your Roof

An experienced roofing contractor can visit your property and assess the condition of your roof. They will inspect the tiles and the framework of the roof to help determine if a new roof is the most cost-effective and reliable option.

Do not let your roof go without repair or replacement for too long. Ignoring the problem may result in structural damage or major water damage. Always work with a trusted contractor to assess the damage and choose between repair and replacement.

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