How To Furnish Studio Apartment?


Let’s start by saying that we have seen times when we didn’t have the financial standing to afford a big apartment, and that’s precisely when furnished studio apartments comes like a great choice. Smaller apartments have many upsides, starting from locations in lively downtown areas to saving on rental costs. Just because you have a studio apartment on rent doesn’t mean that you have go down on style and think just of functional elements. Here are some great ways to design your own studio den with the right choices.

How to Furnish a Studio Apartment?

Renting from big apartments often create a financial burden on the tenants, which is why more and more people are shifting towards renting furnished studio apartments. Smaller apartments come with many “pros”, including affordable rental costs and a variety of locations throughout the city. A common misconception about studio apartments is that they limit one’s ability to customize the interior. Below are a number of pointers addressing how to include both the functional and stylistic elements into your studio apartment!

Look for multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture can be a great way to add both style and functionality to the entire area. Think of more practical choices, like a sofa-cum-bed, a laptop table that can transform into a dinner/lunch table and so on. The only thing that needs care is the size of furniture. As long as a piece of furniture serves more than one function, the smaller size you find the better.

Look For Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-Purpose furniture can provide you with a wide range of customizable options to add both stylistic and functional features to an area. Consider practical choices, like a futon, or coffee table with removable seats underneath. However, before considering purchasing options for furniture, take measurements of both the apartment space and furniture. The smaller the furniture, and the more purposes that it serves, the better!

Find smaller storage corners for furniture

From the space on top of the cupboard to the space below the bed, there are too many unused spaces in a studio apartment. Think of wooden boxes, chest of drawers or any other thing that can fit into smaller spaces. There are many customized furniture stores that can be found around most cities, and if you have the ideas, they can design the required furniture item to suit your needs. Smaller furniture pieces may not contain all the essential big things, but more than often, you will find space for smaller things that otherwise go stray and make spaces look cluttered.

Find Unconventional Storage Space for Furniture

From the space on top of the cupboard to the space below the bed, there are too many unused spaces in a studio apartment. Think of wooden boxes, plastic bins, or chest of drawers that can fit into smaller spaces. There are many customized furniture stores located throughout most cities, which can create furniture to match your exact parameters.

Deal with sectioning

Now that’s the most crucial part! When you don’t have too much of space, sectioning is the key to managing the entire apartment. Instead of having partitions, furniture can be effectively used to desalinate the spaces. Keep in mind that too many items in the house can make it look worse, so you need to limit the items chosen. Think of smaller couch for separating the living and dining space or create a more effective loft bedroom with cupboards in the bottom.

Deal With Sectioning

Here’s the most crucial part! When you lack space in your unit, consider sectioning to manage the entire apartment space. Instead of partitioning, use furniture to effectively desalinate spaces. However, be cautious of overcrowding your living space with furniture, as this affects the aesthetics of the environment. For instance, perhaps use a smaller couch to separate the living and dining spaces, or create a loft bedroom with cupboards in the bottom.

Add a kitchen island

If you have the space, you can create a kitchen island that can work for the culinary times, and at the same time, you will be able to use the space for dining. Furnishing studio apartments doesn’t mean limiting the style, but often even smaller spaces can be organized well. Make sure that the kitchen islands works for sectioning too, so that you can create a visual space.

Add a Kitchen Island

If you have the space, create a kitchen island that can serve as a culinary workspace and dining area! When furnishing studio apartments, don’t limit the stylistic elements, as even small spaces can be organized to bring greater appeal to the area. With regards to the kitchen island, ensure that it flows with the sectioning you have set up for the apartment, as this will create a more visual space.

Finally, studio apartments should be free of clutter, so if you have things that are not needed, make a point to sell off. Cleaner and functional spaces cannot be just merited to the choice of furniture and designer elements, but more to the ideas. Thankfully, in many parts of United States, you can find furnished studio apartments that are designed to cater to all possible needs. In case you don’t want to design a home, moving into a ready one can be a good idea.


Finally, try to sell any belongings that are not essential to the living space. Avoid cluttering your studio apartment with belongings that you don’t really need.


If you are looking to avoid the furnishing process in renting out a studio apartment/flat, consider checking out websites that already offer furnished rentals throughout many parts of the United States. I recently ran across, which focuses primarily on furnished rentals! Whether you choose to take on the furnishing task yourself, or choose to rent from an already-furnished location, happy hunting!

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