How to Maintain a Healthy Living Environment When You Don’t Have Time


A popular saying goes that “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. Well, if God took the time to create the world in seven days, you should find the time to keep your home clean and maintain a healthy living environment for your family!

In any endeavor, not having enough time is one of the worst excuses. There is always time to attend to things. If there is anything digital technology and the rocket scientists of Russia cannot do is manipulate time. A day will always have 24 hours. Obviously, you cannot or should not remain awake for 24 hours. So assuming an average of six hours of sleep every night, you have 18 hours to work with every day.

Whether it’s your body or your home, keeping clean is an effective way for staying healthy. Studies have shown that your body is literally covered with dust mites by the time you wake up in the morning. These dust mites come from your mattress, pillows, blankets and other accoutrements where these pests breed every day. Dust mites thrive in places where dead human skin and hair follicles accumulate because they feed on them.

Your mouth has also become a cesspool of bacteria after eight hours of not having water plus dryness. If your mouth is not thoroughly brushed and cleaned with antiseptic; bacteria can ultimately find its way to your internal organs. This is why doctors advise taking a shower and following sound hygiene practices first thing in the morning.

Healthy Living Environment

How much time do you need to take a bath and brush your teeth? If you believe the advice of skin care doctors, you only need to shower for no more than five minutes. Three minutes should be enough time for the lather to cleanse thoroughly without removing important oils that protect your skin. According to skin doctors spending longer than five minutes in the shower will dry and age your skin. Three minutes also seems to be the magic number for brushing your teeth. Either way, you can get personal hygiene done in less than 10 minutes.

You definitely need to allocate time in the day to clean your home because every day dirt, grime and dust are tracked in. If these are allowed to accumulate, your home will be a breeding ground for bacteria, contaminants, pests and allergens. Unattended, these will have harmful ramifications for the inhabitants of your home. The risk is higher when you have children below the age of 12 and the elderly.

Just like personal hygiene, maintaining a clean and healthy home is simply a matter of time management. You will also need to organize areas in your home to ensure an efficient cleaning schedule. Here are a few tips you can apply to your home when time could be an issue:

  1. The cleaning process starts the night before

Make sure the kitchen is well-sanitized and cleaned after dinner then organize the breakfast meal plan, its ingredients and the utensils. Before retiring for bed, pack away all books, toys, newspapers and other items that have found their way to other areas in the home.

  1. Clean as you go

This is the golden rule in the kitchen which can be applied to other areas in the home. If you see trash and other debris on the floor, do not put it off and sweep or dispose right away. Used clothes that are strewn on the floor should be placed in the appropriate laundry basket.

  1. Manage your pets

We love our pets but they should not be allowed to linger in living room areas. If you feel that they should, make sure to regularly vacuum furniture your pet frequents. Pets carry fleas, ticks and mites and pet hair can cause an allergic reaction to those with a weak immune system.

  1. Delegate tasks

Cleaning a home should be the responsibility of everyone. Prepare a list of chores and delegate these to everyone who lives under the same roof. Having everyone pitch in gets more cleaning done in a shorter amount of time.

  1. Set a cleaning schedule

The best way to manage your time is to organize the things that you need to do. The same applies for cleaning. The schedule should set dates for major activities such as laundry, trash disposal, yard work and vacuuming.

But your best option to maintain a healthy, living environment would be to follow the advice from CarpetCleanGoldCoast and hire professional cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaners for example, are not just limited to carpets and rugs. These experts can clean upholstery including linens. And if needed, they can conduct repairs and maintenance work.

Professional carpet cleaners have the tools and the manpower to get the job done thoroughly and accurately without compromising your time. Best of all, you would only need their services every three to six months depending of course, on the number of people who live in your house.

With professional cleaning services, you can allocate more free time to your family or get much needed productive rest. Playing catch with your child is definitely more inviting than vacuuming pet hair from your sofa!

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