The Most Important Heating and Plumbing Services: How to Choose a Reputable Contractor


If your home’s heating or plumbing system is showing signs of dilapidation or decreased efficiency, there is probably a significant problem brewing beneath the surface, which can be exacerbated and lead to exorbitant repair bills in just a few weeks.

Thus, you’ll need to reach out to a reputable heating and plumbing firm to help pinpoint and remedy the issue before it has a chance to tear a hole through your wallet, especially if you’ve neglected your in-home equipment for quite some time.

However, finding effective boiler servicing in Peterborough is much easier said than done nowadays, which is why we’ve created a short checklist of the most integral heating and plumbing services to help you evaluate the local landscape.

Heating System Design

Your heating and plumbing company of choice should be able to implement a robust, modernised assortment of contemporary provisions to enhance your in-home efficiency:

  • Thermostatic valves
  • Wired or wireless control panels
  • Central heating installations
  • Concealed plumbing
  • Efficient toilet, shower head, and tap installations

Comprehensive Boiler Services

Next, you’ll want to ensure that your heating and plumbing partner can facilitate a wide range of boiler augmentations:

  • New boiler installations and removal of old implements
  • Inclusive boiler maintenance available 24/7, including leak repairs, power flushes, thermostat replacements, and standard upkeep
  • In-house specialty in gas, oil, and LPG boilers
  • 12-month warranty on any new parts or components
  • Five-year warranty on all new boilers and heaters

Make Sure That the Contractors Are Certified

You’ll also want to turn your attention towards the firm’s accreditations to ensure a fully qualified team of experts:

  • Gas Safe Register
  • OFTEC approved
  • Water Safe Quality Assured

With this helpful agenda by your side, you’ll be able to confidently hire a team of heating and plumbing professionals to repair any issues, install new implements, and even remodel your washroom.

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