Interior Designer Share Their Tips


It doesn’t really matter if you are an experienced interior designer, or if you are a newbie, you should always know that the success in interior design lies in details. Top designers share their tips and their best ideas on how YOU can decorate YOUR apartment!

Use darker shades in darker interiors
It may seem nonsensical to you, but darker interiors should be painted with darker tones of a certain color. That is because interiors that don’t have enough natural light look better if you add a little strong pigment to them. The room will instantly look more mysterious and sensual, and the impression that the space is too dark won’t be created.

Let the light be your guide
When you are painting a room, you should know that you have to pace yourself according to the sunlight. Use clear colors on Northern sides, that are naturally darker, while on Western sides you should use warmer tones. Southern and Eastern part of rooms are a great option for blue or white tones.

Add fruit
Fresh fruit is not only a healthy food, but it is also great decoration that will add fresh color vibes to any room.

Think outside the standards
Add unexpected elements into a room. Think about stuff like a fireplace or a bathtub, in the middle of the room.

Use unusual details for storing stuff
Don’t worry about being creative. An old ladder can be a trendy detail for storing stuff. They are a perfect replacement for a boring shelf.

Combine wood and white
The formula of an elegant interior of the bedroom is a combination of wood, white, and natural light. It creates a truly beautiful atmosphere for the interior which you won’t be able to resist.

Create a pleasant entrance in your home
Your hallway is the first thing your guests see when they enter in your interior. You need to create a comfortable atmosphere with the help of mirrors or furniture that gives your visitors a hint about what is to come in the rest of the home.

A room looks bigger in white
Small space will look much bigger when white dominates. Think about when you are decorating your small space, if you want to achieve an effect of increased size.

Combine styles
Create an eclectic look by combining varying styles. Put in stripes and colorful pillows of different textures. Combine silk, plush, velvet, and other materials to create a wonderful sensation and beautiful atmosphere.

Don’t blindly follow trends
Remember that new doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes an old carpet can be used as perfect decoration for your already existing furniture. Use old chairs that your friends don’t need, that can work perfectly with your interior.

Don’t forget the light
Lighting is essential, and it needs to be of good quality in your space if you want to feel good in it. Everything needs to be in place, the windows, the blinds, the curtains, and all other things, in order for lighting to be good.

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