Invite the Beauty of Natural Hide Products into Your Home


Enhancing the beauty of your home is easy when you incorporate products created with stunning animal hides. Using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, your home will enjoy the benefits of these unique additions to your décor. Create one-of-a-kind decorative appeal that will become a centrepiece for your home.

Luxurious Softness

The first thing you will notice about the high quality reindeer skins used to make these sumptuous and soft rugs is the quality of the material. Sourced wholesale directly from the factory, the skin is carefully processed to bring you a lasting product of beauty for your home. There are several different colour tones to choose from that will match any style in your home. Choose from a beige, a dark-brown, or a subtle light-toned rug.

The furniture throw will add a decorative charm to any room in which you choose to display it. You can also add comfort and warmth on a cold day by using it as a throw while you relax. The stunning natural colours of the hide make it a true conversation piece, and it will become an important addition to complete the look of any room. If you choose to display your rug, it makes an excellent wall hanging, or you can add it to your furniture’s upholstery for unparalleled comfort and warmth.

Your natural hide, made from the highest Grade-A sourced materials, is processed to be soft and supple. The versatility of the hides as throws, wall hangings, and warm cover-ups make them ideal for any location. Decorate your living room, trophy room, or even your hunting cabin with these high-quality additions that will provide you with years of warmth or display.

reindeer skins

Easy Care Instructions for Long-Lasting Enjoyment and Use

As with all natural hide products, you will need to provide care and attention to ensure long-lasting results. Your natural hide rug is made from all-natural materials, so it is important to provide it with the recommended treatment to keep it looking new and in its best condition. Due to the natural tanning process, there may be some loose hair in the beginning. Taking it outside and giving it a good, firm shake is recommended to rid the rug of the loose hairs. While you should expect a small amount of shedding due to the hide being a natural product, in about a month’s time you will see a decrease in the loose hairs and it will not need to be shaken as often.

Your natural hide rug will look beautiful indoors; however, it is not recommended for any outdoor use or environments that are excessively humid or damp. Also, due to the delicate nature of this particular type of skin, it is not recommended that you use it as a floor rug. When you follow these easy care instructions, your product will give you many years of enjoyment.

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