Keep That Cold Michigan Rain Away from Your Home


The Problem

No one really likes a rainy day, especially a cold rainy day on the Great Lakes in Michigan. And what makes a rainy day even worse? Having that downer weather cause roof damage to your home. There are few things more dreadful than spending a dark, cloudy Saturday afternoon replacing buckets under a leaky spot of the ceiling. The best way to prevent this, of course, is to steer rainwater away from sensitive parts of the home (like your roof, for example), and instead direct the course of rainwater towards the ground. And the best way to do that is with quality gutters.

The Solution

If you’re looking for quality gutters to keep your home in the greater Ann Arbor area dry and warm, look no further than The Gutter Doctor Plus. Located in the heart of Michigan, The Gutter Doctor Plus has been widely renown as one of the area’s greatest in the business. As far as gutters in Ann Arbor, Michigan go, these guys are king. They employ a full-time team of certified gutter installers. This is, of course, is in addition to being licensed and insured, EPA-certified, GAF-certified, and maintaining a rating of A+ from regulators at the Better Business Bureau. The Gutter Doctor Plus offers a wide variety of standard gutter services including gutter cleaning, repair, and installation. Additionally, they offer new, unique services that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. These include seamless gutters and gutter guards, which protect the often flimsy, easily-disfigured ground ends of gutters that are often kicked, bumped, or run over. Additionally, and possibly the most innovative, the folks over at The Gutter Doctor Plus install rain collectors that attach to themselves to gutters and harvest rainwater, which can be used to water gardens and crops. Why does that matter? Because it can save customers lots of money on their monthly water bills, since they are now using collected rainwater instead of draining water (and money) from their backyard hoses. See an image of these rainwater collectors and money savers below.


So, do you think The Gutter Doctor Plus is the service for you? If you’re in Ann Arbor, and in the market for anything related to gutters, then it sure seems like it is. They offer free estimates, so you don’t lose anything by being interested and learning more about their services, policies, and costs. You can go through the process of a free estimate or order placement at their website: Gutter Doctor Plus Homepage. Through this website, you can even order gutter parts required for do-it-yourself projects if you feel particularly creative and want to spend a Saturday improving your home. Additionally, they can be contacted by phone at 734-761-9443 or by email at: [email protected]. And lastly, if you’re in the area, you can visit their showroom located at 3031 Packard in Ann Arbor.

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