Keep your Home Wildlife-free: Tips from Wildlife Control Mississauga Experts


Raccoons, skunks and squirrels may seem like harmless creatures to anyone. However, their presence in urban buildings could amount to most of business and household repair costs. This is why Wildlife Control Mississauga experts are advising business and homeowners to apply these best practices so they can prevent wildlife from becoming pests in their homes or buildings.

Do a regular structural check-up. If most of your neighbors are complaining about raccoon, skunk or squirrel infestation, there is a big chance that you are suffering from the same pests and just don’t know it yet. The best thing to do, according to wildlife control Mississauga experts, is to check for holes and cracks in your home. This can indicate the entrance/exit points of these animals, or some weakening in your structure possibly caused by moisture from their excrements.

Aside from weakening your structure, any wildlife living in your home could prove to be hazardous to your family’s health and safety. When spooked, these animals can bite. Their excrements can also be breeding grounds for bacteria. This is why it is so important to keep them out as much as possible.

Seal off exit/entrance points and eliminate food sources. As with any pests, the quickest and most effective method of Animal Control Mississauga is to prevent them from entering your property, and to make your home less inviting for them. According to wildlife control Mississauga experts, of the best ways to do this is to first seal off any entrance or exit points you may find in your home. Make sure to check the attic and the basement as well as these wild animals like to create dens in these isolated areas. Next, you should eliminate all possible food sources. These can be coming from your barbecue area or your compost bin. You might also be keeping garbage too long inside the house. The leftover food can certainly attract wildlife, so you need to be careful with how you dispose of waste in your home.

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If you and your family like barbecue, wildlife control Mississauga experts, you must check your grill as well. Remnants of food and oil in your grill can easily attract wild animals and other pests. One way to completely cut the grease safely from your grill is to use baking soda and hot water or vinegar. It should remove food odors which might be attracting animals to your home.

Pets and wild animals. If you have pets in your home, they could have a dual effect on wild animals. Your pet’s presence can scare off wild animals especially if you own dogs. On the other hand, the food that your pets eat can also attract wild animals into your property. The best way to prevent wild life from being attracted to your pet’s food, according to wildlife control Mississauga experts, is to feed your pets indoors, watch that they do not stow away food and keep it in the corners of your home, clean up the mess, and to keep uneaten food in sealed containers. This way, wild animals that attempt to enter your home won’t have any reason to stay.

Of course, these are only preemptive measures. There are also cases when wild animals have taken over the home and it is a lot harder to get rid of them. If this is the case, then it is best to call in the professionals. Animal Control Mississauga experts should be able to help you.

When wildlife enters your domain, it can be dangerous for your family or office staff. Call Reliale Pest Control today and let professional Wildlife Control Mississauga handle the situation.

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