Luxury Vinyl Tiles Transform Any Room


When you contact companies such as Fieldland Flooring Ltd for information about the latest flooring materials, it will quickly become apparent just how much you can save without losing quality in the process. After all, vinyl is a material capable of imitating nearly any other type of material in both look and texture and there are now newer and higher-quality options that offer all the same benefits of costlier flooring materials. Essex is home to many old and new buildings and this is one material quickly growing in popularity across them all, especially in homes where new flooring projects can increase value and improve image.

No Wait

With the majority of wood flooring materials, you must first allow the planks of timbre to acclimate to their surroundings before you can actually begin laying them down on the floor. If you bring in specialists to perform the installation, as you should for increased quality and a faster job, they can do nothing to improve this wait. Karndean flooring in Essex is a brand offered by Fieldland Flooring Ltd that is capable of offering all the visual appeal of wood without any of the waiting around for it to become ready for installation.


Luxury vinyl tiles are an option that is fairly simple to install and this should allow the professionals hired for the job the ability to come into your home, get it done, and then leave expert results behind them without taking more than one or two days. This will allow you to take care of your new flooring installation over a single weekend or on your day off, depending on the scope of the project, and this is ideal for anyone living a fast-paced and otherwise rather busy type of lifestyle. By the time they arrive and do their work, you will have gorgeous long-lasting floors that can stand up to heavy wear and tear, spills, pets, children, and much more without losing their beauty for years to come.

No Seams

One benefit to vinyl is that the way in which it is designed to be installed will leave absolutely no seams to break up the otherwise smooth surface of the flooring. No matter if you get wood-look or marble-look, the floors will end up absolutely beautiful without any interruptions in the marbling or graining. This should allow you to focus on the actual appearance of the flooring and give guests and family alike something more interesting to look at whenever they spend time inside your home for tea and relaxation.

No Mess

Unlike wood and other materials, the choice to use vinyl will ensure that the professionals leave behind no mess once they complete the job. Tile flooring is particularly messy as it will leave behind a great deal of dust and debris during the process; although a professional will clean the majority of it away, there is no guarantee just how much will remain behind. Vinyl will have no such mess and you can immediately use the flooring after installation without fear of tracking dust and other debris around your Essex home.

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