Must-Have Components for Your Home Theater


When shopping around for a home theater system, most consumers don’t realize they have options available to them. With advances in technology, prices have never been more affordable for advanced home theater components. You can easily create a custom entertainment system for your entire family. There are five basic components you want to cover when creating your dream home theater system.

It All Starts with the Television

The centerpiece of any home theater system is going to be your television. The market offers a large variety of television technologies. More than likely you will be purchasing a flat screen where sizes are practically unlimited. There are 3D televisions that will have your movies jumping out at you! If you aren’t interested in that immersive of an experience, you may want to consider an Ultra High Definition unit that has a higher resolution capable of rich detail.

Home Theater

A Sound System Will Place You in the Action

Texture in sound is what sets your home theater system apart from a television in some living room. You need a quality of sound that surrounds you and leaves you feeling like whatever you’re watching is literally happening all around you. You will want to make sure your speaker system includes a subwoofer, some center speakers, and as many satellite speakers as you want. Your subwoofer will provide the bass and your center speakers will do a great job bringing the noise, but its the satellite speakers that will immerse your auditory senses!

You Will Need a Receiver

The thought of purchasing a receiver for your home theater system may seem a bit outdated, but don’t be fooled, there isn’t a wireless technology available that brings your television, speakers, and other components together. Consumers high usage of their laptops has forced receivers to be equipped with ethernet ports along with the standard HDMI inputs and outputs. Some models even offer controls that allow you to dim house lights and close curtains. Make sure you choose the right receiver for your home entertainment needs.

Game Consoles Are for More than Just Games

Maybe gameplay is just for your children or you’ve never grown out of video games yourself, but today’s game consoles offer quite a bit more than just shooting a plastic gun at ducks flying across the screen. You can choose from the industry’s three largest consoles, Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s XBOX, and Nintendo’s Wii. These consoles can also surf the web and some even play Blu-Ray dvd’s.

Streaming Your Television Programs

The way we watch television shows has changed dramatically over the years. Thanks to streaming devices we can now watch our favorite programs when we want to. Take into consideration high-rated streaming devices such as AppleTV, the Roku 3, or Amazon’s Fire TV. These devices allow you to surf the web for programming as well as tap into streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

Home Theaters Bring Families Together

When creating your home theater think of some things you and your family like to do together and individually. Playing games, watching sports events, and sharing movie time together or separate can be made more pleasurable with the correct components. Home theater systems can be customized to meet your family’s needs, wants, and budget!

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