What You Need to Know About Self Defense


When it comes to firearms one can be involved for any number of different reasons. From a desire to protect oneself from harm to simple sport shooting there are a variety of interests when it comes to guns.

Self Defense


When talking to a gun enthusiast, one of the biggest things you will probably hear about is gun safety. When it comes to safety enough can’t be said about respecting the firearm. The first cardinal rule of gun safety is to always treat the gun as if it is loaded. Even if you are 100% positive there is not a round in the chamber. We have all heard the stories of those tragic accidents in which someone thought their gun was unloaded pointed it at a loved one or friend in fun and shot them.

For those that have a concealed carry permit gun safety is of utmost importance as they are carrying a firearm around innocent bystanders. Many states have laws that do not allow a bullet to be in the chamber when carrying. These and many other laws are put in place to protect the public from sloppy gun use.


In addition to basic safety with a firearm it is important to be properly trained in the use of your gun in self-defense situations. Many think they can simply obtained a concealed carry permit and that is all the training they will need. In reality one needs to train constantly with their weapon to become proficient. Not only will this improve your safety and accuracy with your gun but it will help you get used to how your body reacts in high-stress situations. Many don’t take into account that if they are attacked it will most likely come at a time when they don’t expect it. Your adrenaline will start pumping you will get tunnel vision and you will lose dexterity in your outer extremities. Most notably your fingers. Movements such as drawing your weapon from its holster suddenly become difficult, and being accurate with your gun suddenly gets a lot harder. Should a self-defense situation arise your body must already be trained to react. The concept of muscle memory comes into play here and can literally be a life saver.

The “Right” Gun

In the world of guns the debate over which caliber is the best is endless. Some swear by the 9mm cartridge while others are supporters of the bigger .45 ACP round. One can look up statistics and quotes that are supportive of many different calibers. In reality the most effective gun for you is going to be the one that you are the most accurate with. If you are comfortable carrying and shooting a .357 then do so. If on the other hand the .38 special is more your speed then you should carry that. The point is that you should carry a weapon that YOU are comfortable with because it’s you who will be taking it to the range, training with it, and god-forbid defending yourself with it. Everyone has different preferences and tastes. This along with your lifestyle will affect what type of gun you select as a self-defense weapon. Some people don’t carry a gun but keep one in their nightstand or in the closet. Others are on the move constantly and so choose to carry a weapon on their person at all times. One needs to customize their gun for them and get something that works for their lifestyle.


It is important to remember that safety is number one when handling a firearm and that as long as you respect it you can have a safe and enjoyable shooting at the range or just plinking away at targets out in the country. Guns can save lives as well take them, thus one should invest enough time into training with their gun that they feel comfortable with it.

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