How to Plan a Loft Conversion


A loft is basically a small space underneath the roof of the house that is most commonly used as a spare room either for storage or accommodation. However, in most houses, the loft is not given a lot of attention and is usually a neglected space in the house. Planning a loft conversion doesn’t have to be difficult, and by the time it is complete, the loft will look as good as new and can be occupied by any member of the family. Here are a few important things that you should know about converting the loft:

Structural Modifications

You can talk to a local company that specialises in East Sussex loft conversions to help you make structural modifications to the loft. Usually, there’s a chance that you can increase the amount of space within the loft. If it’s a small, cramped room, a handful of structural changes can turn the loft into a proper room.

A Guide to Change

  • The first thing you need to do is call a home improvement company that offers loft conversions.
  • They will check the space available and determine whether any structural modifications are even possible in the first place.
  • Once the loft has been readied, you will then need to determine any aesthetic changes that you would like to make to the room, such as installing a new wallpaper, choosing the flooring in the place, and revamping the windows in the loft.
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