Roofing Queens Companies: Preventing Ice Dams


RoofingSome people think Ice dams and icicles look beautiful. After all, they are sparkly and have pretty shapes that hang on your roof and gutter. But, they come with a price. They can damage your home or worse, hurt someone.

Ice dams are melted ice on your roof that freezes again on the edge of your roof and on your drainage system. They can be really bothersome especially when they clog downspouts and cause water damage to your roofing and walls. That is why it is important to have professional roofers to clean them up and prevent them from forming again.

Roofing Queens companies are great at fixing problems like these. Because most people don’t have the time or the skills and equipment to fix their roofing system to prevent the formation of ice dams every winter, hiring professional roofers is considered the best option for getting rid of ice dams and icicles.

How Professionals Remove and Prevent Ice Dams

Roofing Queens companies ensure that ice damming won’t happen again on your home. Because this is a serious business, they only use effective and efficient methods to ensure that these problems will be solved quickly to prevent further damage to your home.

  • Ice Dam Removal

The first step that these professionals do is to remove the snow and ice dam on your roof. This will make the inspection for issues easier and will also prevent ice damming. The ice dams can either be chiseled off or be melted completely to ensure that the downspouts on your drainage system are not clogged, which will help prevent water damage and other issues on your roof and walling.

Most roofing Queens companies melt snow instead of chiseling or hammering them to prevent damaging your roof and gutter. This is the most efficient way to remove ice dams without causing further problems on your drainage system.

  • Roof Insulation

One of the main causes of ice damming is a not properly insulated roof. The heat from inside the house comes up to the roof, which melts the snow on topof the house. But before the water reaches the downspouts, they often freeze, which causes ice damming.

Roofing Queens companies are well aware of that. That is why they install insulation on your roof and attic to ensure that your roof will stay cold, which will prevent melting of snow; thus, preventing ice damming on your roof and drainage system.

This method will not only prevent ice damming but will also help trap in the hot air in your home, helping you save a lot of money on heating expenses.

When you hire roofing Queens companies, you can be sure that your ice dam issues will be solved. Because they know what to do and they know the right way to do things, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. Just be sure to find a roofing company that is dedicated to providing ice damming solutions so that your ice dams will be removed and prevented effectively and efficiently.

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