Stay Warm This Winter


In the depths of winter, when the temperature drops to near or below zero, it’s essential to be able to call on the use of a central heating system. In days gone by, before central heating was around, everyone relied on fireplaces to keep them warm and cosy during the winter months. This meant chopping firewood, lugging it to the woodshed for storage, and piling it into the fireplace for burning. It was an inefficient, if primeval form of heating. These days, central heating is affordable, available in just about all homes, and is far more energy efficient.

Is Your Central Heating Working Well?

Central heating systems do a lot of work during the cold months of the year, and modern systems are so good that it can feel like summer inside the home, especially when combined with double or triple glazed windows to keep in the heat! But how do you know if your central heating system needs replacing? How do you know if it requires a maintenance and service?

If your central heating system experiences any of the following, it may be time for a service by the experts, or even installation of a brand new system:

Whichever type of central heating system you have installed, it’s important to have it serviced every year by an expert. This will ensure longevity and good operation.


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