How to Take Care Of Seniors With Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis is a very chronic and progressive disease of central nervous system that is affecting about 400,000 US populations. With such a progressive disease creating awareness and educating people about such diseases lead to a better management of symptoms. Mechanism of the multiple sclerosis fatigue is not yet known but according to studies, the changes in a person’s brain which are caused by this disease may require more than 5 times more efforts to complete a certain task than a normal person. The condition is aggravated if the patient is an elderly or is suffering with fever, heat exposure or even stress.

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The following things should be kept in mind when the multiple sclerosis patient is an elderly:

  • Hire a professional home care services Chicago who has been trained in multiple sclerosis care. He would also help in nourishing the patient’s body, spirit and mind which is very important for the patient to stay enabled and motivated.
  • Apart from the care givers, the family should also understand some symptoms of multiple sclerosis and should be ready to make some lifestyle adjustments.
  • Encourage the patient to establish a daily routine laying emphasis on cutting down on some daily activities and also take regular rests to help prevent fatigue.
  • Some physical limitations are very important part of the care given to the patient. For instance, his body should be properly aligned while positioning if he is on a bed rest. Protecting the patient’s skin from pressure, heat, friction, dryness and moisture is also required. The patient should be assisted with body mechanics for a good posture, alignment and also improved gait. Along with this the patient should also be encouraged to exercise daily and undergo a physical therapy if required.
  • Eating habits of the patient is also to be kept strict check on. Provide him with a tasty and nourishing meal. Include veggies and high protein diet. Also, assist him with eating if required.
  • Offer the patient comfort measures like acupuncture, gentle massages and warm baths.
  • Keeping the spirit of the patient high helps a lot in coping with the disease and make life enjoyable for the elderly person. Encourage the patient’s independence by being a little more sensitive to take and give him back responsibilities for things such as symptoms coming and going. Provide him extra emotional support.
  • Don’t make the elderly patient feel handicapped. This deters his confidence. Involve him wisely in the daily routine activities. Provide him recommendations for using some devices specially designed for such patients like reaching devices, sliding boards and built-up utensils.

Thus, with various adjustments that the family and patient make along the way, helps in making the patients of multiple sclerosis lead a fulfilling and healthy life. It is not just his physical health that has to be taken care of, but his mind and soul as well. With a little support of others, even such sensitive diseases can be made a little easier to handle.

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