The Benefits of Scaffolding


When you are trying to do some DIY work on your home or business, you might be trying to decide the safest and most effective way to get the work done. Do you choose a ladder or some scaffolding? Most people already have a ladder in their garage or shed, so people tend to go for the ladder first. However, a ladder can pose some difficulties that you might want to avoid.

Every year in the UK, hundreds of people injure themselves by falling off ladders. Ladders are typically very safe, but only if they are used as they are supposed to be. You need to make sure that there are at least three points of contact for your ladder. Four is even better. You need to make sure that the feet of the ladder are placed on stable ground; do not move from side to side or stretch too far. If this isn’t possible for you, you need scaffolding.


Erith scaffolding erectors can help you with the right scaffolding to complete your job. Scaffolding has at least four points of contact with the ground. It allows you to move from side to side because it has a wide footing. On many different kinds of scaffolding, you can even move side to side.

Jobs for Scaffolding

Certain jobs are particularly appropriate for scaffolding applications. If you are painting your house or business, scaffolding is great because you’ll be able to move from side to side easily as well as keep all of your supplies up on the scaffold with you. That will reduce the need to climb up and down the ladder. Also, anything involving a lot of equipment is ideal for scaffolding. Cutting down tree limbs or working on your roof are two types of jobs that are best handled from a scaffold.

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