Tips for Assembling an Iron Bed


So, you’ve decided to purchase a new bed frame, and it has been delivered to your home awaiting assembly. But before you get a good night’s sleep, you must first ensure you put the unit together correctly, so you don’t wake up on the floor half way through the night. Here are some important assembly tips to consider while building your unit.

  • Clear the Surrounding Area

It is important to clear the area before you begin to assemble your bed frame, the less clutter in the room, the better. You must have plenty of space to lay out the foundations of your bed on the floor, this will allow you to easily identify parts as you read through the assembly instructions. It can get a little stressful if you are struggling to fit the unit together, so the last thing you want is to bang your head or other parts of your body of debris scattered around your room.

The more space you have, the less likely you are to fall causing damage to yourself or the bed. You could easily trip over a loose item on the floor and push your new bed frame into the wall, accidentally putting a big hole where it isn’t supposed to be.

  • Place Each Item on the Floor

If you’ve ordered iron beds online, and they’ve recently arrived in a box containing all the parts and instructions, it is advisable to empty the package and lay all the contents on the ground, this way you can check if you’re missing any parts by ticking off all the items on the inventory list.

Furthermore, placing each item on the floor will help you to visualise the end product, you’ll know what the frame should look like in its completed form. Try to build a rough set up without attaching any pieces together, once you’ve an idea of the frame, you can begin to assemble each separate part.

  • Avoid Screwing Parts Too Tightly

One mistake that many people make when building an iron bed frame, or any flatpack unit for that matter, is that they tend to screw the bolts in too tightly. Although it is important to ensure the bed frame is properly connected, you don’t need to jam the parts together. If you want to disassemble the unit, or give it a fresh coat of paint, you’ll have a hard job trying to loosen the screws if you’ve fastened each component too tightly.

  • Check Small Items

One of the most annoying things about assembling a bed frame is keeping track of small parts, if one goes missing you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to find it. Keep them in a bowl so they can’t fall into any cracks in the floor and go missing.

It is now time to get started on assembling your new iron bed frame, consider all the tips mentioned above when you start to build your project. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t figure things out at first, sometimes it is better to walk away for a few moments to clear your head and return rejuvenated.

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