Top Contemporary Kitchen Trends



Kitchen are the hearts of our homes. They are places where we can be creative, laugh, enjoy each other’s company, and have fun, all while cooking delicious food. If your kitchen could use an upgrade and you would like to create a space that is modern and unique, there are many exceptional kitchen design trends that can be incorporated into your renovation needs. These tips will help to bring your older kitchen into the 21st century.

Go with Grey Instead of White

White is a traditional shade that can be used in any room in your home. However, if you are hoping to make your kitchen look more modern, you should consider painting it in a lovely shade of grey. You can choose to add grey cabinets that will contrast well with stained wood features or a hardwood floor.

Create a Fully-Functional Kitchen

No two chefs cook the same way so you should design your kitchen to meet your own culinary needs. If you could use more walking space in between your oven and island, then widen the space. If storage space is where you are limited, add more shelves and cabinets to the walls so that you never run out of places to keep food or store your cookware.

Go with a Classic Black and White Look

If grey is not your favourite choice, then you can always go with a classic black and white palette that will coordinate well with your new stainless steel appliances. The look will work for both classic and contemporary designs and pair well with a rustic hardwood floor.

Go Bold with a Brightly-Coloured Sink

If you want to add a burst of colour to your kitchen, you should consider leaving behind the basic white or stainless steel sink and choose a bold eye-catching shade for the sink in your kitchen. This is a great option for a neutral-toned kitchen and can even be a simple upgrade that will add new life to your kitchen if you don’t want to completely renovate your entire room.

Choose Fixtures That Are Bold and Interesting

Colour isn’t the only way that you can make kitchens in York appear more vivid and exciting. You can add bold light fixtures to the room that will provide you with a great sense of depth perception and allow you to see the food you are cooking more easily. Large, geometrical, and unusual fixtures can make a great conversation piece for your next dinner party.

Add in Subtle Modern Features

Automated faucets and soap dispensers are a fun way to add a modernised space-age touch to your new kitchen and the best part is that they are not as difficult as you may think to install. You may also want to consider adding sensor-activated lights that will illuminate the kitchen or find gadgets that work along with your smartphone such as a meat thermometer that alerts you when dinner is ready to eat.

No matter what new kitchen trends you choose to go with, you are sure to make a great impression the next time you cook a big family dinner or invite friends over for a drink.

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