Top tips for decorating and furnishing your first house


How you decorate and furnish your first house can be both daunting and exciting, but sticking to some tried and tested rules is always a good idea. Here are our top tips for making the most of your new space.

Home decorating

General rules:

When decorating, make sure you use neutral colours and a light shade of paint. This gives the rooms an airy feel and makes rooms seem more spacious. Our advice would be to opt for an ‘off-white’ colour.


Space is often at a premium in your first house. If you have a one bedroom home, it may be worth considering whether you can double up some furniture functions. For example, rather than purchasing a sofa, try and find a good quality sofa bed. This will make your living room/ lounge a second bedroom and can be value for money if you shop around multiyork sofa beds, for example.

Cushions and throws:

By purchasing dark coloured furniture, you are more likely to be able to hide bits of wear and tear, as well as small marks and stains. You can brighten these pieces up by adding light-coloured cushions and throws.

Avoid hooks and nails:

One of the biggest mistakes new homeowners make is trying to put too many picture hooks and nails into their walls. Though it can be nice to have all of your pictures up, remember that every hole you make will likely need to be filled and covered when you move on.

Hide those wires:

When you are placing your furniture in your house, make sure you take into account where your plug sockets are. Where possible, situate your electrical goods close to the sockets and hide the wires behind pieces of furniture or along skirting boards.

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