Upgrading Your Garden’s Design


If you use the services of a landscaper to enhance your garden’s design, you want to work with a contractor that features hardscaping services as well. Patios that overlook gardens make caring and tending for a garden a pure joy. Therefore, the landscaper you choose should take care of both your landscaping and hardscaping requirements.

Choosing the Plants for a Garden’s Design

The best landscaping services in Gloucestershire provide garden designs that enhance a plant’s qualities according to its height and size. For example, when garden layers are added to a garden bed, low-growing plants are normally placed at the front whilst mid-sized plants take up spots in the middle. Tall plants are normally situated in the back.

To avoid the predictability of the design pattern, it does not hurt to place a taller plant that is more transparent in the front. This prevents a large plant from appearing too voluminous and creates a more random, natural garden.

Pairing Different Plant Shapes

Many times, landscapers like to pair certain plant shapes to make things interesting. For example, some examples follow:

  • A conical-shaped plant is paired with teardrop-shaped foliage.
  • A vertical plant form may support the looks of linear foliage.

Taking this approach creates:

  • Cohesion
  • Unity
  • Variation

Creating Echoes

Selecting plants with an unusual form and repeating the pattern in the garden is the most basic way to produce an echo effect. Therefore, complex echoes are created when the landscaper repeats a plant’s form with less noticeable elements in a garden’s design.

You can discuss these ideas with an experienced landscape company. The more you know about design, the more interesting you can make your garden space.

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