How to Use Plants to Soak Up Bad Chemicals in Your Garden


Do you spend a lot of time in your garden? Whether you currently have a large or small garden, you undoubtedly know how much work, time, and effort goes into making a garden resourceful. But how much do you really know about your garden and own backyard? For example, are you aware that dangerous chemicals could actually be in your garden that could potentially harm you and your family?

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The Harmful Chemical

One of the worst chemicals you should worry about being exposed to is arsenic. Once used to treat lumber, this chemical is now found in pesticides and could actually already be in your backyard!

What’s quite shocking about this specific chemical is that it can get into the ground and then linger for decades. When this happens, clean soil is then turned into harmful and dangerous dirt. If you have a deck, then this chemical could even be hiding in the wood.

Arsenic can cause a range of health issues, such as: cancer, mutations and birth affects, diabetes, and if consumed in large amounts, arsenic can kill you. This chemical is specifically trouble to detect, as it has no odor or smell.

The Solution

Believe it or not, you could actually help solve this issue by planting ferns in your yard. Not only is this a “green” way of attempting to get rid of dangerous chemicals, but it’s also quite cheap.

In general, plants and trees are great at taking things out of soil. This is why you should actively consider planting new items in your yard, not just ferns. However, ferns assist in cleaning up the soil through a process known as “phytoremediation.” The chemical is absorbed through the fern’s roots and then moves up to the plant’s leaves. In turn, the leaves of the fern can then be cut off.

Keep Planting, Keep Growing

As mentioned above, you can plant more items than just ferns. You can try planting a vast range of trees, plants, and other appealing items for your yard that will simultaneously help protect you and your family from dangerous poisons.

One of the most important things that roots do is take elements and nutrients out of the soil. Planting trees and such around your home is a much cheaper and more pleasing method of cleaning up your soil or yard than digging up large pieces of land.

If you’re concerned your property might be tainted, then it’s highly recommended to start planting and/or growing. Taking care of your yard is an important task that should be handled with much thought and care. Sure, mowing your yard is vital, as a manicured yard is much more attractive than an overgrown yard. Depending on the size of your property, you may find it quite useful to use z turn mowers to save time and energy. However, mowing should no longer be your sole issue when it comes to your yard—add some plants or trees for both appearance and health purposes.

What does your yard say about you? Is your yard currently tidy and clean? No matter how your yard looks, it could unknowingly be harming you and your family. It’s hard to detect arsenic, which could already be in your soil, depending on where you live and what items (specifically if made from wood) are placed in your yard. It’s time to think about adding plants and trees to you yard—you won’t find an easier or cheaper method of getting rid of unwanted toxins. These new plants will also add character and personality to your yard.

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