What You didn’t Think of, Before the Project; Home Improvement Survival


Taking on a home improvement project can be intimidating. With the right planning, your project can come off without a hitch.


When planning a remodel, an often-overlooked element is how long the project will take. Scheduling, permits, back ordered materials, and inspections are some of the time consuming things outside of the actual work being done. Many of these things are beyond the control of both you and your contractor.

It is important that you go into your project realizing that it is impossible to know exactly how long your project will take. When work starts make sure that permits have been pulled and up-coming work is scheduled with all that are involved. Don’t forget to be flexible with your deadline, the last thing you want is you contractors felling rushed. They need to be able to perform their best work on your project.

Staging area

No one likes to work in a crowded space. Before materials arrive to you project, consider the best place to store them. You want all your materials to be secure and dry. Your garage or temporary storage may be a good solution. Also, consider the order in which they will be used so you are not playing the shuffling game moving materials to get to the stuff you need today.

Kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel can be one of the most intrusive projects one can undertake. Going in knowing you will be giving up the center of your home for a while can be intimidating. Proper planning will go a long way in smoothing out the bumps. Cooking tasks can be completed using a hot plate, microwave or toaster oven. These items along with your refrigerator can be set up in a laundry room or a garage. Treat yourself to eating out a few time a week, you won’t want to go out as often once your beautiful new kitchen is complete.

Curb appeal

Between materials, a construction dumpster, debris, and contractor vehicles parked in your driveway or on the street, your home will take on a different aesthetic than it usual does. More so if you are working on an outdoor project. Letting your neighbors know what is going on a head of time can prevent any hard feelings that may otherwise arise.

Make sure no portion of your project is blocking passing traffic or the line of site for your neighbors when backing out of their driveways.

Construction zone

Home improvement projects can turn your home into an all out construction zone. During working hours, there will be loud noise and people coming in and out of your home. If you have family members home during the day this may cause an issue. Keeping pets and children out of the construction zone is important. You must make sure the craftsmen working on your project can focus on their job. They should not have to worry about letting the family dog out while carrying a heavy load.

Your Home Improvement Project

These examples are just the tip of the home improvement tips iceberg. Your project is unique to you and your home. Whether you are planning a new deck, an outdoor kitchen, new flooring, a walk-in closet, or installing a new sauna, there are certain things you should know before you start the project.

If you could get the advice from multiple home improvement professionals who have seen all the mistakes (and how to avoid them) before you start your project things would run a lot smoother.

The good news is, there is a new book called “Before the Project -Inside Advice from Leading Home Improvement Professionals” that will provide you with just that. Before the Project is the most comprehensive home improvement book of it’s kind. Before you start that next big project, you may want to give it a look.

With the right advice, proper planning, and knowing what to look out for you can enjoy completing your next project as much as you will enjoy the results.

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