How to Add Vintage Touches to Your Bedroom


Vintage theme rooms are very popular because of their rustic and intimate appeal. Fortunately, you can easily achieve the old-fashioned look of your dreams with even just a few additional touches. In fact, here are 6 tips on how to add vintage touches to your bedroom:

1. Distress the furniture

One of the best ways to add old-fashioned touches to your bedroom is to distress the furniture pieces. For example, you can distress a bookcase to make it fit in with the overall theme of your bedroom.

When distressing furniture, you need to sand the piece, use a quality primer, paint the piece, then dry sand the edges once the paint has dried. When painting furniture to fit into a vintage theme, you should stick with pale colors such as cream or duck egg blue.

If you want to create an even softer and more classy vintage look, you can try using white furniture without distressing the pieces.

2. Put up old artwork.

When buying artwork, it’s important that you only buy pieces that you actually love. If you put up artwork that has no meaning to you or doesn’t match the room, you will take away from the room’s appeal.

If you don’t want to use artwork, you can put up pictures of your family on the walls instead. To give the pictures a rustic look, you can choose frames with vintage colors or distress them.

3. Use vintage boxes.

Whenever possible, you should use old boxes to store your books, jewelry, and more. Floral patterns are popular for boxes, although white, cream, and other natural colors work as well. If your boxes aren’t in perfect condition, they will only add more to the old look.

4. Have fun with accessories.

There are plenty of accessories that you can use around the room to give it a vintage feel. For example, empty wine bottles, teapots, and teacups are excellent choices. You can also use vintage jewelry holders to proudly show off any old jewelry. However, just keep in mind that having your jewelry in plain sight will make them much easier to steal.

Depending on the style you want, some people also like to place feathered boas around the room to give the space a more retro vintage appearance.

5. Install plantation blinds.

Plantation blinds can add a special touch to your room. By choosing natural colors and designs, you can make the blinds easily fit in with the old-fashioned theme. In additional, plantation blinds can help regulate room temperature to keep your bedroom more comfortable throughout the year.

6. Blend your electronics.

If you want to keep your room looking old-fashioned, you should keep bulky electronics out of sight whenever possible. If there are electronics kept in the open, you may want to choose items that have light colors. For example, computers or mobile phones should be purchased in white to keep with the natural feel of the space.

With these 6 tips, you can create a vintage bedroom that you can be proud of.

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