Update Your Space: Fast and Easy Ways to Give a Room a Fresh, New Look


Sometimes all it takes are a few simple changes to update the look of your shabby room. Though it might seem impossible, it’s easy to give your home a style boost on a budget. It’s not a good idea to allow your home to fall into a rut because simple uncompleted tasks can turn into huge problems. Grab the list below and walk through your space to see where you can implement the following terrific ideas.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter overpowers the appearance of your space and hides its best features. Clean and de-clutter the space in order to start off on the right foot. Clean the windows, rent a carpet cleaner for a day, and throw out all those old magazines that have been piling up on the sofa.

Take down seasonal decorations that have been hanging for too long, and throw out the plants you killed months ago. Patch up holes in the walls and fix the squeaky door. Any updates you do will not look right if you neglect simple cleaning and repairs.

Use Style Boards

This tip helps you to plan out your room before you start making changes. Grab a sheet of construction paper or Bristol board and start arranging the space. Layout your furniture, fabric, paint chips and any other ideas that come to mind. Search online to find inspiration or cut out pieces from newspapers and magazines.

Change the Color

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your room is to paint it. Paint is fairly inexpensive, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to repaint a room. Since there are many different types of paint, you can add paint to any surface.

Your walls may be already painted in your favorite, but perhaps your furniture needs a coat of paint. Paint all your mis-matched furniture in one color and you’ll give your room an entirely new look.

Window Treatments

Draperies can change the look of a room. Update your curtains to match the season or change them to complement your new accessories. Heavier drapes are suitable for the cold months of winter. Go full length and you’ll reduce the amount of heat loss through the windows. Use lighter fabrics and brighter colors in the summer and spring.


An array of new pillows can give new life to a tired looking couch. Swap your wall art for something that’s relevant to the current season. You can also rearrange pieces according to size, theme, or color. Get matching frames for your pictures to create uniformity in the room. Use other accessories like flowers and candles to create a seasonal vibe and add splashes of color to the room. Whatever you do, keep it minimal because according to the general consensus, less is more.

Stick to neutral colors on the walls and furnishings if your goal is to have an update friendly room. Colors like beige, white, or grey will give you the freedom to make simple updates whenever you want.

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