Adding an Outdoor Spiral Staircase Starts with Picking the Perfect Location


When it comes to spiral staircase design, your choice is often only limited by your imagination or perhaps the amount of space that you have to work with.

An outdoor spiral staircase is all about style and functionality combined and there are many situations where you can create a staircase that becomes a real focal point of your outdoor living area.

Here are some hints and ideas on how to pick the perfect location.

Reasons for having an outdoor spiral staircase

There are any number of reasons why you would choose to have an outdoor spiral staircase and the good news from a design point of view, is that there are so many different choices and ideas that you can select from.

You may need access to a decking area or want a way to get your office that is separate from the house entrance, whatever your requirement, there is an outdoor spiral staircase that can be built and fitted to meet your needs.

staircase designs

Whether you choose to have your spiral staircase made from wood or metal, there is little argument that it will provide a fair amount of curb appeal and also add a bit of value to your home at the same time.

Think about placement

When you take the opportunity to think about the placement of your outdoor spiral staircase, make sure that you allow for every consideration and don’t rush in to choosing the wrong one, in the wrong place.

Sometimes there is only one place for it to go, so there is no need for debate or contemplation but at other times there are multiple placement solutions available, so plan it out and make some drawings so that you can visualize the best place to use.

Allow for natural slopes and entrances

In a lot of situations, the natural slope or indeed the natural entrance to your home will determine any positional planning for you. If you have a split level home or a retaining wall which has a lower basement entrance then these are ideal scenarios where an outdoor spiral staircase will work really well.

Consider the elements

If you were to place your outdoor spiral staircase directly on a wet sloping area of your existing landscape, then this would be a mistake, as rainstorms and any land slip however slight, will affect the stability of the staircase over a period of time.

The only way to effectively use this type of location safely would be to use concrete piers in order to help support the structure, but if you can plan to keep away from wet and sloping areas, you would be better off doing so.

Think of safety

Make sure that the position of your outdoor spiral staircase does not interfere with any existing electrical wiring that might be running down the side of your property. You can of course get the wires moved but that would result in additional expense.

It is not a good idea to site your spiral staircase near a garage of driveway as poor placement can result in an accident if it is poorly positioned.

Pick the perfect location and you will be able to enjoy the aesthetic appeal and functionality that you can get with an outdoor spiral staircase.

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