Basement: pros and cons


It is considered that the construction of a basement costs too expensive. However, a closer look reveals that all arguments that are given in this case are not well-grounded enough. Every house needs a utility premises. No matter whether to develop them in a form of a basement or spread in width on the site – it must be decided in each case individually. A house with a basement is always a great value.

How to build – in width or depth? In case the ground is rocky and there is a high level of groundwater, the cost of the basement may be much higher. It is known that the construction of the basement often requires additional costs for the insulation of the premises, or for the building of a convenient entrance to the basement from the street. Still, some leading engineers expresses the idea that the development of basement area in the house can be quite efficient. The basement is not the living room that is why the requirement for sound, heat and moisture insulation are not so strict, due to this the construction costs are lower in comparison with the costs of building of living premises of the house.

The specialists claim that every person will begin to understand with the time the benefit of having a basement in the house. When estimating the costs of construction it is necessary to take into account that the house needs a special zone for heating equipment, water filters installation and other stuff storage. Placement of these equipment in a residential part of the house is far more expensive. It must be taken into account that only the foundation of the building should be dug into the soil to a depth of two or three foots. But don’t forget that the development of the basements always involves additional moisture and heat insulation.

Of course, in case you decide not to build basement at all, you will decrease the construction costs on a half, but the absence of a basement requires the construction of a solid foundation and a solid floor. So, the amount of saved money is reduced, since there is a need to improve the insulation of the ground floor.

Of course, the construction of the basement is expensive, but the basement premises have a lot of advantages. In case you decide to build a basement at your house, not only you will benefit economically, but also in terms of environment, due to the rational use of the building site. In addition, the experts advice to build a basement for other reasons. Building a basement is one of the most effective way to achieve the warm and dry floor at the living rooms of your house. In case the basement is constructed according to all the requirements, you may be sure your house will be warm and cozy.

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